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How to check Who has visited my Facebook profile?

6 January 2011 Written by: 39 Comments

If you want to know about who has visited your facebook profile then
Sorry! it’s not possible on facebook. Other social website like orkut provides this function.
Facebook not allows this feature and not gives this facility to users.
Facebook not provide this function who has visited to your profile because facebook wants all users freely move to other profile and view the profile. If any such application exist then that application is against facebook.com policy.

who visited my facebook profile

You can  investigate other profile without any restriction. There is no facebook trick.
Some applications claim that they can provide the details about your latest profile visitors but all those applications are fake. They are just promoting their application and generating Random Recent Visitors List. Now a days facebook is removing all such type of applications because they are breaking facebook TOS.
So you can not find who is view your facebook profile.
Enjoy snooping. 🙂

If you know such applications on facebook then please share with us. Write your comments below.


  • shereen said:


  • vlady said:

    help me

  • srcc said:

    cool post, like this..

  • Nermin khan said:


  • Ajad kumar said:

    sir i know we can’t check who is the recent visitor of my facebook profile……bcz yet it is not invented….

    sir can i invent this types pf link or softwarwe or not…
    pls pls pls pls sir suggest me………

  • shabbir mehtawala said:

    sir help me how check who has veiwed my profile on facebook

  • Manju Chandra said:

    Sir please provide us option to see our profile hits on Facebook ………………

  • shahid kapadia said:

    hi sir plz help me how to know that who visited in my profile

  • sidhant singh said:

    theres an app named WHO STALKS on facebook which claims to reveal the profile visitors identity but its totaly fake it just redirect to a survey………….. for joining an online shopping site…….

  • fadime said:

    hello how can i unblock and un reported my friend an add them bak on my face book page

  • abhijit said:

    very usefull help….

  • codehere said:

    i have one little application on my webpage

  • Amir said:

    and what about program ( Facemoi ) … go chic it

  • Heizkassette said:

    Sad Sad Sad Sad!!!

    Can anybody help me to know who have visited your profile of Fb?

  • sush said:

    plz plz plz give me information to find my facebook visitors

  • JVL Web Solutions said:

    unfortunately there is no apps available to see who view our facebook profile

  • maria said:

    i dont want the shit timeline but i have converted my profile into it wat shud i do timeline sucks i want old fb profile

  • Piyush said:

    its not good if i dont know who is chek my profile so how can i know about my friends …. i dont like it……….

  • sabiya said:

    very bad… its our right 2 noe… 🙁

  • santhosh said:

    plz plz give me my face book visitors

  • Anon said:

    Its great to hear that no such app exists in Facebook, but its still possible to create one, and it should be for a good reason

  • maria medina said:

    Thats funny, because I know some people who sware to god that they know who is visiting their site, and who their “stalkers” are…

  • infoonline said:

    plz give me information to find my facebook visitors

  • ram said:


  • winzter143 said:


  • rajiv pokhrel said:


  • mary ann fernandez said:

    How to get profile visitors

  • maheen said:

    this claims ro provide profile visitor info. But its only promotion kind of App

    check your profiile visiitors here –>

  • Unni thilakan said:


  • swapnil said:

    there is no such a application who provide visiter list ..

  • arun said:



  • Preetam said:

    yes its fake.

  • priyangi senaratne said:

    sir i know we can’t check who is the recent visitor of my facebook profile……bcz yet it is not invented….

  • asad ali said:

    i want to know it who is visitor my profile .. any one know about of visitor profile .how to konw it please link send it me 🙂

  • Vivek Vijayan said:

    Thank you very much for this information,but we can see such kind of applications,these applications were fake?,thankyou very much, I will never go to this job again.

  • thanigaivel said:

    i want to see my facebook visitor pls kindly tell that tricks

  • pallavi singh said:

    plzzz send me the link

  • Roshan Babu said:

    check this link..its informative i thi


  • andrei r punkz said:

    plzzzzzzz send me the link i want to see my facebook visitor pls kindly tell that tricks

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