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How to turn on AutoSave in Microsoft Word 2007?

2 April 2014 Written by: No Comment

Many times we forget to save word document and system crashes between our works. We lost our important unsaved documents that have written in MS Word. Many times we are preparing some important presentations and in mid power is turn off we lost all slides which were not saved.
This problem is easily sort out by turning on AutoSave feature in Microsoft Office. We can also set time interval for automatic backup for our work. I am writing “How to turn on AutoSave in MS Word 2007”. Similar method works for MS Excel 2007, MS PowerPoint 2007 or other MS office applications.

Follow these simple steps to turn on autosave in MS Word 2007

1. Start Microsoft Word 2007 application software.

2. Click on the “Microsoft Office” button(Top-left corner). [Alt+F shortcut]
turn on autosave word

3. Click on “Word Options” button. Select “Excel Options” in MS Excel 2007 or “PowerPoint Options” in MS PowerPoint 2007.

4. Now select “Save” tab in left pane.

5. Change settings in right pane.
—Check mark on “Save AutoRecover information every X minutes“.
—Set X minutes as minimum as possible. It is time interval for AutoSave your work. After every X minutes your document will AutoSave.
—If you want to change then change AutoRecover file location and Default file location.

turnon autosave document
6. Click on “OK” button and apply settings.

Now autosave feature is turn on in Microsoft Word 2007. Similarly we can turn on autosave in MS Excel, MS PowerPoint etc.

AutoRecover Files

We can easily AutoRecover our file by reopening word file with “Autosaved” mode or we can get from AutoRecover file location.
When system crashes then restart system and reopen word file. In left pane, it gives suggestion for most recent saved files. Open “Autosaved” file.

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