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Top Movies for Management Students

13 August 2011 Written by: No Comment

Here, I discussed on “Top Movies for Management Students, MBA Students, Business People“.
There are some list of best management movies which dedicated to MBA students or those people who interested to learn business skills. Previously, I discussed on “Top 10 most visited websites in the world“.
These films are really excellent which shows leadership skills, managerial skills, emotional intelligence skills, corporate career skills and entrepreneurship skills etc.

List of best movies for management studies students and business schools students

1. Back to School

best management movies

2. The Secret of My Success

Hollywood movie

3. Inside Job

hollywood movie

4. The Social Network

Hollywood Movie

5. Other People’s Money

best management movies

6. Norma Rae

hollywood movie

7. Patton

hollywood movie

8. Gung Ho


9. Something Ventured

something ventured movie

10. Herb and Dorothy

best management picture

11. Risky Business

hollywood movie

12. The Godfather


13. Wall Street


14. Citizen Kane

hollywood business movie

15. It’s a Wonderful Life


Referenced by: The Economic Times
Hope, you like this collection of best management movies. These movies are really helpful for mba students and other management students. Many colleges arrange such movies show during college timings. Please share other good movie list from hollywood for management students.

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