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Top 5 clients for Amazon Glacier

20 September 2012 Written by: One Comment

In the list of best online backup services Amazon Glacier is the best backup service for data/website. As Amazon Glacier getting popular many new Glacier clients coming in market. I collected a list of Top 5 clients for Amazon Glacier. These software are design to help uploading your data into Glacier backup server. Some of these clients are available free for personal use and some of them needs a commercial license for your commercial use.

Let me explain few terminologies which you need to understand Amazon Glacier service:

  • Glacier Vaults : vaults are like your disk drives which can contain subfolders and files. This helps you to manage and name your data based on your requirement. like Personal, Study, Business
  • Glacier Archives:  Amazon’s Glacier Archives is a single file in which you can put your entire vaults data. Its like a zip file of your entire disk.
  • Glacier Region: Region stands for the location of your data server. You can select which Region you want to put your data (Glacier vault). The cost for storing data into particular region will differ from others. You should always check the cost of Glacier Region before selecting it to upload your data.

Here is the list of Top 5 clients for Amazon Glacier:

  1. Fast Glacier: (fast glacier download link) – This is a free windows client.
    fast glacier Amazon Glacier client
  2. S3 Explorer: (S3 Explorer download link) – Glacier support is available with Amazon s3 client
  3. Cloud Berry Backup: (CloudBerry Backup download link) – Timer based backup client for automatic backup
  4. Cloud Gates: Cloud Gates download link – A free tool which enables glacier work with filezilla ftp clients.
  5. Glacier Uploader download link – It’s a Java based free Amazon Glacier client through which you can download and upload your Glacier Vaults.
    java glacier uploader for data backup


I hope you like this list of top 5 Amazon Glacier software. Please share other tools or clients download link with us. Please share your experience/review with us after trying this free clients.

One Comment »

  • Le Balladeer said:

    Does any of these have:

    1. Versioning
    2. De-duplication

    and sits back in the background and monitors changes and uploads at specified time interval?

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