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Top 10 MBA Colleges of Bangalore

21 April 2011 Written by: 4 Comments
Bangalore – The silicon Valley of india , Which is the only world famous IT hub, is also famous for top MBA colleges of India. MBA colleges are spread widely in Bangalore. I have collected top 10 MBA college list of Bangalore city.
List of top 10 MBA colleges in Bangalore
  • College: IISc – Indian Institute of Sciences
Department: Department of Management Studies
  • College: Bangalore University
Department: School of Management
  • College: Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB)
  • College: Administrative Management College
  • College: City College, Bangalore
  • College: Chirst College, Bangalore
  • College: Garden City College of Sc & Mgt. Studies, Bangalore
  • College: Govt. Ramanarayana Chellaram College of Commerce, Bangalore
  • College: Indian Academy School of Management Studies, Bangalore
  • College: Indian Institute of Plantation Management, Bangalore

I hope you like this post. I will continue posting top colleges of Bangalore. Please share more details about these colleges. Comments are appreciated. 🙂


  • sansar said:

    All in all, it can be said that this tale of two cities does have a significant lot in common; but with time, one city has kept itself in the growth path by focusing on manufacturing and creating world class infrastructure – qualities that build a base for generations – and made sure that its graph continues a northward trend. Today, Bangalore is languishing in its economic development and is suffering heavily because of opportunity costs and opportunities lost. History is a testimony of many global cities that got lost due to just a few perforations that they ignored; and Bangalore is following the very same pattern. The question is, is there still time; can we learn from Guangzhou and reverse the process? Can we even create a Guangzhou in India in the next twenty years at least?

  • merry maids yuma az said:

    Wow nice. Thanks

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  • shivam said:

    very effective

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