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Top 10 Free Classified Sites in India 2013

10 October 2013 Written by: No Comment

In past time, Newspaper was only source for classified ads. Classified ads were paid and paper based. But technology completely changed in the current scenario. Now, many classified ads portal available online. These online sites changed the overall scenario of classified ads industry. They provide online classified ad service in free of cost. Many classified websites work for Indian domain.

List of Top 10 Free Classified Sites in India

1. Quikr.com
Website:- www.quikr.com
Alexa Rank:- 635

2. Olx.in
Website:- www.olx.in
Alexa Rank:- 646

3. Sulekha.com
Website:- www.sulekha.com
Alexa Rank:- 704

4. Click.in
Website:- www.click.in
Alexa Rank:- 2,813

5. Clickindia.com
Website:- www.clickindia.com
Alexa Rank:- 2,926

6. Locanto.in
Website:- www.locanto.in
Alexa Rank:- 4,310

7. Vivastreet.co.in
Website:- www.vivastreet.co.in
Alexa Rank:- 5,485

8. Khojle.in
Website:- www.khojle.in
Alexa Rank:- 13,379

9. Adsglobe.com
Website:- www.adsglobe.com
Alexa Rank:- 15,529

10. Indialist.com
Website:- www.indialist.com
Alexa Rank:- 15,909

Major benefits of these classified sites

Free – Many classified sites provide service on free of cost.

Easy to Create – Easy to create ads. Fast and convenient option to create ads. Easy and fast registration of product. Easy upload of product image etc.

Easy Navigation – Easy to search a product on classified sites. They provide customize search option like search by category wise, location wise, product wise, company wise, price wise, used time wise etc.

Image View – Image gives more information compare to words. These free classified sites have easy image upload option. Look all the view of product using images. It is better for both seller and buyers.

Easy Contact – Classified sites provide easy contact information for easily communicate to right person.

Best offer – They provide best offer services to customer. It gives chances to compare product and get best deal of particular product.

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