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Mumbai – The Financial Capital of India

5 December 2012 Written by: No Comment

Mumbai formerly known as Bombay, is the financial capital of India. It is the most populous city in India with more than 20 million populations. It is a hub of job opportunities. Get latest updates related to job vacancies in Mumbai. It is the right place to get a right job. It has the maximum economic growth compared to other cities. If you try to browse jobs then it is a real hub for any kind of job. Accounts, Banking, Insurance, Architect, Journalism, IT solutions, Consultancy, Export/ Import, Media, Advertising, Hospitality, Hotels, BPO, KPO, Fashion, Films, Production etc. many more industries are well developed in Mumbai.

The Financial Capital of India

Why Mumbai is called as the financial Capital of India?

Delhi is the capital of India but Mumbai is well known as the Financial Capital of India. Finance is directly related to money and it is the wealthiest city in India. It makes ultimate contribution to the growth and development of real economy and financial markets. It is the top commerce center with highest Gross domestic product (GDP). Other important reason is the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) which is the biggest stock exchange of India. It is one of the busiest cities in the world. It is also home for multinational corporations and center of banking industry. Many banks have their headquarters located in Mumbai itself. Several innovations originated in this city like stock market culture, electronic/online trading, securities settlements, private sector investments, credit rating agencies, self regulatory institutions etc.

Mumbai is a dream city for business. It is the most populous city in India so maximum opportunities for business to full fill people requirements. It is a fast moving and growing city. Apart from financial capital, it is also the entertainment capital of India. Mumbai is the birthplace of Indian Cinema. Well developed film industry “Bollywood” located here. You will get glamor, fashion, drama everything here.

Mumbai Suburban Railway simply known as “Locals” is the life line of Mumbai. It is the backbone of city’s transport system. The Mumbai rail network is spread at an expanse of more than 450 route kilometers. It serves more than 7 million people daily.


Mumbai Culture

You can say that Mumbai life is always running life. Mumbaikars spend enough time in traveling. Train timings are really important events of Mumbaikars life. Many events depend on train timings. You have different types of friends like school friends, office friends, neighbourhood friends, office friends and yes, train friends, a category unique only in Mumbai. Vada pav is the staple diet of most collegians. South Indian and Chinese food are popular in Mumbai. The official language of the city is Marathi. It is the mother-tongue of more than 42% population of city. Mumbaikars celebrate Western as well as Indian festivals. Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Navratri, Good Friday, Id, Dussera, Moharram, Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja and Maha Shivratri are some of the festivals in the city. Mumbai offers a universal and diverse lifestyle with a variety of food, entertainment and night life.

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