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Now MBBS is six and half years long: Is it graduation or integrated post graduation?

7 February 2012 Written by: 3 Comments

Medical Council of India(MCI) proposed a new proposal to extend MBBS course duration form five and half years to six and half years(6.5). MCI is planning to extend 1 year more the MBBS course. According to MCI new plan, after 5.5 years of MBBS course 1 year compulsory rural area posting.

mbbs is now six and half years long

This proposed plan will make sore to MBBS aspirants and medical students. Because MBBS is a graduation program. This course duration is already too long. and now planning to 1 more year to extend.
This question will arise in every student mind that MBBS is a graduation course or integrated post graduation course. Because normally graduation takes three or four years but MBBS will take 6.5 years to complete.

If you compare medical with engineering. In engineering four years for graduation(Btech) and two years for post graduation(Mtech) total six years to complete both. But in medical graduation(MBBS) will take six and half years and three years for post graduation(MS/MD) total nine and half years to complete both graduation and post graduation.

mbbs course

If this plan passes then number of medical aspirants will decrease surely. After 12th, less student will prefer medical or doctor as a career.


  • Kishore Kumar said:

    To Those concerned:

    Appointment of Doctors for Rural Healthcare

    The present idea of the Health Ministry of Government of India to extend MBBS course by one more year and post them in rural Health Centres for one year is hare-brained and least to say is stupid and absurd, for the following reasons.

    After completion of medical studies, no one is competent enough to practise without the help and supervision of senior doctors. At that junior most level, they do depend on a great deal of laboratory and medical imaging services to make proper diagnosis and treatment. These facilities are grossly inadequate at the rural level.

    All that the Government is achieving is to sacrifice the poor and ignorant villagers as “guinea pigs” for future medical practitioners and possibly as a population control measure.

    Furthermore, the young doctors are looking for more experience before they start on their own practise. It is the time for them to get married and enjoy life after five and half years of gruel and hard work and study to pass MBBS. It will be a sadistic policy for the Health Ministry to impose this punitive posting for these young budding doctors to be imposed on the ignorant and poor rural flocks.

    Will all the elected members of the Government at all levels, High Court and above Judiciary and all first class civil servants at all levels will be submitting themselves and their family for their medical care to these junior doctors and only junior doctors for their medical needs?

    As an alternative, viable, useful, more humanitarian, compassionate and effectual alternative is to appoint all those doctors, nurses and paramedical staff in service after they attain the age of fifty+ years to be posted to rural areas and allow them to be in service up to the age of 75 years.

    In today’s lifespan, it is possible for one to work up to the age of 75 and almost all doctors do work to that age anyway. Give them 50% additional salary for rural postings.

    The rural people will have confidence in such experienced medical persons and in all likelihood, a doctor continuously working in same rural area will know the persons health need and will be in a position to give the best medical care.

    It is imperative that these doctors should not be transferred and should remain in same area for the duration of their service. The cost will also be much less than a young and fresh doctor’s treatment.

    Kishore Kumar

  • Dr Frank Rajan said:

    Well, As always, Dr Kishore has given a logical and succinct analysis of the problem, which I am sure none of the policy makers ever considered. For, they wanted to find any solution to the problem of lack of health care personnel in the rural areas., however harebrained it is.
    As in many problems solved by the politicians it would be the beginning of a new set of problems

  • rajiv said:

    i am not agreed from this because pahle se hi its longest duration course instead of any other course

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