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How to send exe files through Gmail

14 January 2012 Written by: 2 Comments

Hello friend, today I am going to discuss about simple trick of “How to send exe files through Gmail“. Gmail and many other email service providers not allow to send executable files(.exe) through gmail. It is for security purpose and prevents from viruses.

How to send executable ( exe )files through Gmail

Gmail not allow to send and receives all these extensions files.
“.ade”, “.adp”, “.bat”, “.chm”, “.cmd”, “.com”, “.cpl”, “.exe”, “.hta”, “.ins”, “.isp”, “.jse”, “.lib”, “.mde”, “.msc”, “.msp”, “.mst”, “.pif”, “.scr”, “.sct”, “.shb”, “.sys”, “.vb”, “.vbe”, “.vbs”, “.vxd”, “.wsc”, “.wsf”, “.wsh”

These all file extensions files not send or receive through gmail. It is also not possible through compressed(zipped) format. But sometime essential to send executable file though gmail.

How to send exe files through Gmail

So follow these tricks to send exe files from one place to other using gmail account.

Change Extension of Exe File

It is basic method to send exe file from source to destination machine.
First open “Windows Explorer“. In “Tools” menu click “Folder Options” tab. Click on “View“. Under “Advanced settings” uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types” and click Apply to save changes.
In this method just change the exe file extension to txt or mp3 extension.
Example File name: sample and extension is .exe “sample.exe”
Change .exe extension to .txt using rename the file. File becomes sample.txt.
Now you able to send sample.txt file though gmail. Gmail not block text file or .txt extension file.
Note: You must give proper instruction to receiver to change extension .txt to .exe after download.
After converting txt to exe extension received file become a executable file.

zip file properties

Through create WinRAR file and set password to the file

When we send exe files through zipped format (.zip, .tar, .tgz, .taz, .z, .gz, .rar).
Gmail won’t allow send exe through zipped format. Gmail first read the zipped file and check their any exe exist. If no exe then send to receiver. But when we set a password on zipped file then Gmail not able to open zipped file.
Thus Gmail not able to check file in zipped format and we able to send exe or other blocked extension files through gmail.
For this trick you have WinRAR software. Right click on your exe file and select WinRAR option and click on “add to archive..“.
You will get a dialog box of Archive name and properties. Here their is tab “Advanced“. Under the “Advanced” option their is “Set Password” option.
Though “Set Password” you can set password to your winrar file.
Now send your zipped file from sender to receiver by setting up a password on zipped file.
Note: You must give password to receiver person. Receiver need same password to open zipped file.

Hope, you like this post. 🙂


  • Nitish said:

    Great Information you have shared thanks !!

  • Harry said:

    Tis method is not working , please suggest any other

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