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How to save your Computer from virus without any antivirus tool?

6 October 2013 Written by: No Comment

Hello friends, today I am going to discuss some simple tips to save your computer from virus without using antivirus tool.

1. Always do safe internet browsing. Open trusted links. Internet is the main source of virus. Viruses are transfer from one computer to other by internet only. Secure browsing reduces lot of chances of virus attack.

2. Software bugs and errors are also cause of virus attack. Always use updated software.

3. Use licensed software and operating system. It reduces chances of virus attack and software failure.

4. Now a day’s viruses easily reach to computer by pendrive or USB drive. Many viruses have autorun features. As we plug-in infected pendrive, virus spread over the computer. So always use trusted pendrive and disable autorun property of pendrive.

save computer from virus

5. Avoid Free or Pirated Download – Many websites provide facility to free download. These
have lot of links of pirated software, games, video etc. These increase the piracy which is not good. Viruses are easily available in these downloads. Always download from secure and trusted websites.

6. Turn on the Firewall – Firewall is a network security system which comes with almost every operating system. It is an information checking system which filters information coming through internet connection. It is like a gateway to verify and filter the incoming data. So turn on the firewall to secure your internet transmission.

7. Be Safe on Social Networking Sites – Do not accept unknown friend request. Don’t open website links that are from strangers. On social networking sites, many untrusted outgoing website links are available. Through these links user easily reach to insecure sites. So always do secure browsing on social networking sites.

8. Email Protection – Do not reply to fake or spam emails. If you do not recognize the sender than do not open unsolicited attachments. These unsolicited attachments may contain virus and malware.

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