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How to get Traffic from Search Engine

20 October 2010 Written by: 4 Comments

Here is my personal tip about “how to get instant traffic from Search Engines”. If you created a personal blog or any type of niche based blog you can get good traffic from search engines like google.com, yahoo.com & bing.com. You just need is backlinks from other websites. At initial level you dont have good Online Good Will so you have your first question from where we can get backlinks? right?. So here is the answer: At initial level you can start getting backlinks from Social Websites like facebook.com, twitter.com, digg.com etc.

Get traffic from Search Engines

Get traffic from Search Engines

Create a good rich text article which you are writing with your interest and submit it to various social bookmarking websites. This submission can give you 10-12 initial backlinks. Then you will get “Indexed” by google.com or other search engines, if your content is “Unique”, “Human Readable” & “Topic Oriented” then you can get good page rank from your initial blog posts.

One more thing you have to consider- Yes, that is SEO, (Search Engine Optimization). At initial level you can’t do much on it but still you can start considering SEO from your first blog post. You can use proper H1 tags and Image Alt Text along with proper Title for all Hyperlinks. Add proper keywords in your blog post and also consider long tail keywords. When you are writing on general topics you should need to do some research on long tail keywords related to that perticular topic. A group of long tail keywords related to a single topic can do “Great” SEO. But remember never do too much onsite SEO; some times called OVER-SEO.

enough reading! GO and start writing on your blog. Best of luck 🙂


  • build one way links said:

    […] How to get Traffic from Search Engine and Social Networks | SEO | Techvark.com […]

  • Arama Motoru Optimizasyonu said:

    For first step, you are right. Social bookmarking is a good way. If a site is very new,I cannot advise to take many backlinks. Backlinks should be taken in a wide period,not very quickly otherwise for a very new web site having so much backlinks with a limited time can have Google punishment such as Sandbox etc.

    Original and good content is a true way plus some social bookmarking.

  • Alper said:

    very good information for users thanks

  • Tóth Petra said:

    I like invitate all friends on te facebook.

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