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How to get rid of Dark Circles

10 November 2010 Written by: No Comment

There is a proverb that “Face is the index of Mind”. Yes, It is true that if your mind is in perfect condition your face also. But how to have a clean mind is a valued question. There is also a proverb that “A disturb less mind can keep innumerable things”. We must keep away all worries out of our mind. That is one of the secret to have a clean face. However there are chances to get dark circles due to the reasons described as under:

Dark Circles

Dark Circles

The main reason is work stress. By doing regular work without break for long term, it would result in farming dark circles under the eyes. Another reason is sleepless ness. If you lose your sleep every night surely you will have the chances of getting dark circles. Third one is deficiency in vitamins and our food intake. Next reason is aging. If we follow the term “Graciously aging” this dark circles would not occur to some extent. However we can’t refrain from aging but we could save our face from dark circles by following certain things in our day to day life.

One of the various steps to get rid of dark circles is to drink adequate fruit juice in suitable intervals in a day. We also should add vitamins and other essential nutritional ingredients in our food. We can keep cucumber slices on the eyelids for a while every day and can wash our face with warm water. It is more important that we should refrain ourselves walking on road under the direct sunlight. We should wear quality and tested spectacles to avoid ultra violet race of the sun which could spoil the color of skin and cause dark circles. Drinking adequate water is also a secret to have fresh face without dark circles.



Family problems and worries may cause dark circles. This is easily avoidable. We know that nothing could be done only by worrying. If we find solutions to solve our problems, then we would be free from worries. Proper planning and disciplined life is required to have a neat and fascinating face that has no dark circles. Depression is the other cause to get these dark circles. Depression occurs only when a person is isolated himself from his family or from other people of society. There is a proverb that “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. We should learn to occupy our mind ands body into various active things which shows the positive way of life. If we follow this, there is no chance for depression or mental stress. Once the mind is relieved from mental stress and depression then the dark circles would also vanish.

Apart from everything, we should know the proverb that Prevention is better than Cure and we should prevent ourselves from all bad habits and undisciplined activities, it is sure we will get rid of dark circles forever.

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