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How to get rid of dandruff

4 April 2011 Written by: 2 Comments

Dandruff is most common problem for all of us and every one want to get rid of dandruff. It is faced by many people in all over world.
It is not only health problem but also social problem.
A person who have dandruff feels very bad in social meeting, social activity.
Dandruff occurred when scalp dead skins flakes out.
It is normal process of human beings but when scalp cells dies regularly in large number and it is visible in hair then this problem known as dandruff.

remove dandruff

Causes of dandruff

It begins with imbalance diet, poor nutrition.
Using not suitable shampoo.
Too much use of gel, coloring, hair conditioning, styling sprays, dyes.
Dry and heavy oily scalp.
Stress, not sleep well.

Home remedies for get rid of dandruff

Massage scalp twice in a week by coconut oil.
Massage scalp by onion juice. It is very helpful to get rid of dandruff.
Methi seed oil also helpful in rid of dandruff.
Aloe Vera jell used on scalp helpful in rid of dandruff.
Vinegar rinses.

get rid of dandruff

Prevent dandruff

Wash your hair at least 3 times a week.
You should avoid chemical treatments on hair like coloring etc.
You should avoid stress and should sleep well.
You should take a healthy food.
You shouldn’t use ordinary soap to wash hair and not use anti dandruff shampoo daily.

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  • eva said:

    Soon I found out that my dandruff problem is reducing day by day: http://www.fryzura.net.pl/shampoos-for-dandruff.html

  • ashley said:

    Hello, this information is very good and I hope to try it out very soon.
    Another thing you can do (if you are in the UK) is buy some neutrogena t-gel shampoo. Its really good. All you do is massage thouroughly and leave in for 5-10 minutes and then finally rinse.

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