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How to export Facebook friend’s mobile numbers

17 January 2011 Written by: 9 Comments

Hi guys, today I want to tell you about “How to download Facebook friend’s mobile number”. Now a day’s facebook is the only single window place where we can get entire updates and contact details (email address, mobile number etc) about our friends. Every one wants to import their facebook friends to some other social network / website. Yesterday I was trying to download my all friends email address and mobile numbers. While googling I found a new Google Chrome Extension to achieve this task.
Facebook Friends Exporter

This “Facebook Friend Exporter” is the easiest and the fastest way to download all facebook friends contact details. Here are the steps to download your facebook friends contact details:

  1. Install this free open Source Extension (Facebook Friend Exporter) in your Google Chrome Browser.
  2. Now open login to your facebook.com account.
  3. Go to your http://www.facebook.com/friends/edit/
  4. Now click on “Export Friends” (this option will come only if you installed Facebook Friend Exporter properly)

    Export Friends

    Export Friends

  5. Here you will get a new window In which it will scan your all friends details. After few seconds this screen will appear.

    Facebook Friend Exporter

    Facebook Friend Exporter

  6. Now Click on “let’s Start”, and wait for few minutes. (It can take 2-3 minutes for your first 50 friends)

If you want to download more the 50 users contact details then you have to wait for 1 hour because facebook dont allow more the 60 friends profile visit in 1 hour. This extension will stops automatically after each 50 friends download, so now you can wait for one hour and then you can download next 50 friends contact details.

Download Link:

I hope this information will help you to export your facebook friends contact details (Email address, Mobile Number, Website/Blog Etc). Please write your comments and share about other extensions. 🙂


  • Johannes said:

    Great tip
    I just installed it and it is currently downloading all my friends..


  • lebanon said:

    thanks dude i installed the export friends and i’am working on it its really nice bro

  • nilay said:

    how can i see contact num. after the prosses

  • dinesh said:

    this will much more help full to meet the friend after long time and contacting to each other………..

  • Salman Motani said:

    hey man I cant make this work.. please guide me I need to do this its very imp for me.
    I cant make it go further from where it makes you accept the terms and conditions i mean where it asks you couple of question… I hit the ‘lets get it started’ button like hundred time but nothing seems to work.. please guide me!!

    Thanks in Advance. 🙂

  • hardik said:

    it’s not working any more…..

  • Irshad Ahmad said:


  • dilraj singh shekhawat said:

    hi, friends
    and how are you all

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