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How To Do SEO For Images – Image Optimization

24 November 2012 Written by: One Comment

Image optimization means increase visibility of image in front of search engine. It is simpler than text or content optimization. Image is also good source to gain traffic. Google Image Search is best source to get visitors on website through images. Image SEO is simpler because search engines only read text that added with image.
Image optimization is essential to get good traffic especially photo blogging sites or sites that contain lot of pictures.

Good Example: <img title=”Amazon Kindle Fire” src=”amazon-kindle-fire.png” alt=”Amazon Kindle Fire”/>

Follow simple steps to do SEO for images

1. ALT Attribute
Alt attribute is important attribute of image tag(<img>). It used to describe image to the search engine. Search engine determine any image by using Alt text. Always use optimized, short, simple keyword for Alt text. It is basically alternate text which show when image not loaded successfully in web browser.

2. File Name
File name is also proper and relevant. It is part of URL so better it have meaningful keyword related to image.

Good Example: amazon-kindle-fire.jpg
File name contains keyword related to image. It helps to describe image by URL.
Bad Example: DSCN2299.jpg
File name doesn’t contain any keyword related to image.

It’s better to use “-” (hyphen) separated for keywords in file name.

3. Title Attribute
It is also a important attribute of image tag(<img>). It used as tool tip and show title text when mouse cursor over the image. Use proper and relevant keyword for title attribute.

4. Image Size
It plays important role. Image size is directly related to loading time of page. Heavy image increase loading time of pages. It represents bad SEO. It requires to optimize image size.

Image SEO


Image SEO and optimization is simple compare to content. Use always relevant image to your page content. Always use optimized short and simple keyword for Alt text, title and file name.

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