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How to create chart in Excel

1 August 2012 Written by: No Comment

Today I am going to tell you about “how to create chart in excel?” Everyone who has some data sometimes needs a graphical view of that data. Microsoft excel provides various types of chart to get that graphical view in very easy manner. I am using office 2007 to explain the creation of a basic chart. We will create a medal chart for 6 countries of Olympic 2012.
Here is the test data (Country and total number of medals)

Country Medals
China 27
United States 27
Korea 10
DPR Korea 5
Germany 13
Italy 9

You need to follow below steps to produce a ‘column chart’ for these Olympic countries.
1) Create required columns and entre the required values (especially numbers like medals)

olympics 2012 chart
2) Select the data you want to show in graphical values. For our case we are going to select ‘Country’ column and ‘Medals’ column.

selected olympic chart data
3) Go to “Insert Menu bar”
4) Now select the 2D Column chart and click the required type. In our case I clicked the ‘Clustered Column’ type.

insert menu chart option
5) A Graph will be automatically created based on selected data.

created chart using excel
This chart will be dynamic chart which means if you update your data field’s value then chart will automatically update itself. You can select whatever type of chart(graph) you want like Pie chart, line chart, area chart, scatter chart; in some case you need more categories like Gold medal, Silver Medal and Bronze Medal etc.

This how you can make a chart in excel. I hope you like this post. Please write your comments below.

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