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How to compare strings in Java?

11 July 2015 Written by: No Comment

To compare strings in java you should always use equals() method instead of == operator. == operator will work with constants but not for runtime objects.
compare strings in java

public static void main(String[] args) {

String str1="Techvark";
String str2="Techvark";

String str3=new String("Techvark");
String str4=new String("Techvark");

String str5="Techvark.com";

if(str1==str2){ //if both are constants
System.out.println("case 1: equal");

if(str2.equals(str3)){ //if one is constant and str3 is created at runtime
System.out.println("case 2: equal");
if(str3.equals(str4)){ //if both string created at runtime
System.out.println("case 3: equal");
if(str3.equals(str4.intern())){ //if both string created at runtime and use of intern method
System.out.println("case 4: equal");
if(!str4.equals(str5)){ //use of Not equals
System.out.println("case 5: not equal");

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