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Hindi to English Translate Online using Google Translate

6 April 2014 Written by: No Comment

Google Translate is a free service provided by Google. It is a free online tool to translate any language to any other language. Just write a text and translate to any other language. It also gives services to translate any whole document or any website to any other language.

How to translate Hindi to English Using Google Translate

1. Go to Google Translate in your web browser.

2. Click arrow button next to Detect language and select “Hindi” language.
hindi to english translate

3. Select Google Hindi Input tool as shown in image. It changes English text to Hindi.

hindi to english

Google Hindi Input Tool

4. Write any Hindi text in textarea. Just example write in English “padhna”. Google Hindi Input change it into Hindi.
hindi to english translator

Select output language and click on Translate button.

Google translate does real time translation (Instantly). It helps to translate written text to more than 70 languages. It can convert whole document or website to any other language instantly. Just paste website page link in textarea and click Translate button.
You can also change complete Hindi document to English. Click on “translate a document” link. Browse document file from your computer and Click Translate button.

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