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Google Voice – Get Your Number

20 February 2010 Written by: No Comment

Google Voice is a telecommunication service by Google
Google Voice Invite

Its a phone management service which provides a US based Number to user and through that number he can bind his multiple numbers like mobile number, office number and home landline number.
Single Number for multiple=

User can track his all incoming and outgoing call through Google Voice Number.

Google Voice can be use in Two different modes.

  1. With your existing number
  2. With Google Number.

Google Voice with your existing number provides the following features:

  • Google Voicemail – Voice mails in your inbox as text email.
  • Voicemail transcription – Read what your voice mail says.
  • Custom Greetings – Caller can send voice mail greetings.
  • International Calling – Very low cost international calling plans.
  • Notifications – Read your voicemails via email or mobile sms.
  • Share Voicemails –  Sharing features like you can embed, download and forward voicemails.

Google Voice with Google Number provides some more features like:

  • One Number – Single number which can ring all your phones.
  • Free SMS – Share, recieve and archive text messages online.
  • Block Calls – You can block unwanted or advertisement calls.
  • Record Calls – You can record phone calls and store online.
  • Conference calls – You can make or recieve conference calls.
  • Screen Callers – You can check callers ID before recieving the calls.

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