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General-Files.com – Best File Search Engine

25 April 2012 Written by: No Comment

Hello friends, here is the review of a complete package of General World, suiting to all your needs related to file search engine, sharing files, free file catalog and free downloading them directly etc.

General-Files.com – Best File Search Engine Forever

Best Free File Serach Engine
It is the best search engine for files. It provides best tool to search any file ranging from video, Software, Movies, TV Shows, E-books, 3D games to various graphics, icons and templates etc. It also provides free file sharing option to a user, which enables you to share any file to others online. It has a very interactive and convenient search option to search download free movies, free music, free games etc. It has a huge database of more than 700 million files.


General Catalog
Another important service from General World is General-Catalog.com.
It becomes really a tedious job to find right file online that you need eagerly. Many times, I personally face such problem like, getting irrelevant results, even after searching the correct keywords and sites. Sometimes, particular file is found, but does not download completely or an error occurs while downloading and sometimes, after downloading we got to know that, the downloaded file not right one we needed.
To get rid of all such problems, General-Catalog.com gives you such advanced search option to get the correct and complete file, you want to download.
It also has a high availability of data as, the database is updated frequently with new files and also, the invalid files are removed frequently to get the best search result possible on the web.
It is another best option for searching files, as when you search any file in this website then, it gives a free download directory of related files with complete description. On General Catalog, you can share any file’s link and add details about the link. Apart from this, it provides an easy interface to share any link, add screenshots, add description, select a category for link etc.
If you compare General Files(GF) with General Catalog(GC), then you will find General Catalog gives more description of files and more number of relevant files as compared to General Files(GF).


Free Downloader for Files
It provides the direct download option to user, giving you the direct download option from many file hosting sites. It gives best tool like free rapidshare downloader to easy download. It is simple software from General World, which redirects you to download link directly. It blocks all intermediate captchas, pop-ups etc. and saves time of downloading any file. No waiting for advertisement or any other captcha work interferes the download. It also suggests updated files for free download. You can download free movies, free songs etc by using this free downloader.


General World provides a complete package of the best free file searching, downloading and sharing sites. General Files is an ultimate file search engine which provides huge database to user. Whereas, General Catalog is another way to search or share file, which gives complete details of particular files. And, the General Downloader is the best software that provides direct download link to user.
With the wise use of all above products from General World, you can benefit a lot.

Hope, you get useful information about file sharing and searching sites. If anybody has further suggestions or ideas, they are most welcome to share using comments. 🙂

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