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List of Best Free Video Editing Software

18 January 2012 Written by: 2 Comments

Today, I am going to discuss about “List of Best Free Video Editing Software“. Video Editing now becomes latest interest among people. When you create any home made video or download video then you need to add images to video, remove any part from video, change theme of video. These all task now available on free of cost. Now video editing is easy, efficient and free.
Here I discuss about some video editing software. These are free downloadable video editors. Some websites also provides tools to online editing video and images. You can easy to use these softwares. You can easy add effects, make videos, add sound track, change theme, remove part of video, add subtitles, titles etc.

Free Video Editing Softwares – Best Video Editors

1. Windows Movie Maker

It is a one of the best video editing application software. It is top video editor. It is used to add effects, transitions, add subtitle, timeline narration etc. It also helps to add effects on audio tracks. It is a free software which comes with windows operating system and you can free download from windows website. It provides features to quickly add photos, videos from computer or camera to movie maker. Easy add/change soundtrack and change theme of video.

2. VirtualDub

virtual dub movie maker
VirtualDub is a video capturing, processing utility software for windows operating systems. It is a powerful application software for video editing. It can process many files simultaneously and make new file by using many files. It is a available in free of cost. Download and enjoy Virtual VideoDub video maker.

3. Wax

video editor
Wax is a software that helps to make and add special effects for video files. Wax is a high performance and flexible video compositing and special effects software. It also helps to add 2D, 3D effects to your video. Latest version is 2.0e. It is freeware for business and personal use. It is a easy filter utitlity application to filter from more than one file and make your dream video.

4. Apple iMovie

movie editor
iMovie is a top video editing software for Mac operating system. It’s best video editor for apple products like iPhone 4S, iPad2 etc. iMovie is easy to use for video editing. Easy to add your video into iMovie software. Add titles, add sound track, add or remove effects from video/movie.

5. Pinnacle VideoSpin

video spin editor
Pinnacle VideoSpin is a powerful and easy to use software application that enables you to create your own movie clips within minutes, using your pictures and videos. Just download Pinnacle VideoSpin and start creating movies and share with your friends and family. It is freely downloadable video editing software with professional features.

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