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How to export a distribution list from outlook

19 July 2012 Written by: No Comment

Today I want to show you how you can export your all outlook contact list to excel file. You can only export “contacts” of your Outlook not the entire “address book”.

Here are the steps to export you contacts name and email addresses in to external excel file:

1) Open your outlook

2) Go to file menu and click Import and Export option


3) This will show you a Wizard, In this wizard select the Export to a file option and then click the next button


4) Now select the Microsoft Excel 97-2003 or Microsoft Excel 2007 or others and click the next button


5) Now select Contacts in this tree and click the next button

6) Here you have to specify output file path so click on Browse button and select a file location with some filename.xls. After this, click on next button

7)  Now in the end you have to select what all contact detail fields you want in the output excel sheet. You can customize these fields with the help of Map Custom field’s button.


8) Now click on Finish button

Now you can check you output excel file to verify what all contacts are exported from outlook.

This way you can export Microsoft outlook contacts in bulk.

I hope this post will help to you. Please share your comments.





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