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Essential Tools You Should Always Keep in Your Car

13 June 2011 Written by: No Comment

Hello guys, Today I started blogging on Autos stuffs and I want to share about essential Tools You should Always keep in Your Car.

Some very important tools which are essential always inside your Car. These tools helps in any breakdown condition in your journey.

List of Essential Tools You Should Always Keep in Your Car

1. Spare Tire

It is an additional tire carried in your motor vehicle. It used in condition of blowout, flat tire, tire puncher. When break down occurs in your journey due to certain reasons then it is helps to solve problem by tire replacement and continue your journey.

Essential Tools Always in Your Car

2. Jack

Jack and Jack stand is very essential tool in your car. It help’s to elevate your car. When your car tire goes puncher in between your journey then it helps you to replace blowout tire with spare tire.

Jack is also helpful to repair your car. You want to check any part in bottom side of car then this powerful jack elevate your car on mid way and you can find out the bug easily.

3. Oil Wrench

Engine oil can help to solve problem of engine friction. It is also used as a lubricate seized nuts and screws. Oil Wrench helps in car maintenance.

After running fix miles than change Engine oil to maintain performance of car engine.

4. Repairing Tools

Some tools which are essential in replacement of tire and replacement of any part of car. These tools like pliers, screwdriver, hammer, socket set, stitcher & scrapper, Swiss army knife, metallic tape, rubber bands, torch, plastic sheet etc.

5. First Aid Kit

You should carry a first Aid kit in your car which help in any emergency condition. In first aid kit contains first aid book, bandages, aspirins, cotton swabs, medical tape, blankets, Sterile Dressings, Paper And Pencils, Emergency Flares etc.

6. Mobile Phone

You should always keep a mobile phone in your car to inform others for help. It is used to call to others in any emergency like accident, fire, car break down etc. You should keep all emergency phone number in your mobile.

Items necessary in car

Other important tools like Flashlights, rope, duct tape, torch, cereals, funnel, bucket, rags, jumper cable, electric wire, rubber gloves, piece of pipe etc.

These all tools are help to sort out any problem occurs while your car journey.

I hope you like this post. Please add your comments and feedback. I very much appreciate your feedback. Thanks 🙂

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