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How to download YouTube videos using Mozilla Firefox Browser?

4 April 2014 Written by: No Comment

YouTube is the one of the most powerful tool where you can share videos online. It is a single platform where you can upload video, view any video. Many times we liked any video then we want to download. We want to save our favorite YouTube video on our computer. Yes, we can download YouTube videos to our local system. Here I am sharing how to download using Mozilla Firefox browser. Mozilla Firefox Browser is one of the best web browsers with lot of Add-ons (Extensions).
Video DownloadHelper is a good Firefox add-on to download YouTube videos. It provides very simple way to save any YouTube video in our computer. First we need to install Video DownloadHelper add-on in our Firefox web browser. After we can easily download YouTube videos to computer.

Follow steps to install Video DownloadHelper extension in Mozilla Firefox.

1. Open Mozilla Firefox web browser.

2. Go to Video DownloadHelper add-on page.
Link: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/video-downloadhelper/

3. Click on “Add to Firefox” button. It downloads add-on to your computer.
download youtube videos

4. Now install this add-on to your Firefox browser.
download youtube videos1

5. After Installation completed, restart Firefox web browser.

6. You will get a new icon near address bar in tool bar of your Firefox browser.

Thus you successfully install this add-on to your computer.

Follow steps to download YouTube video using Video DownloadHelper add-on.

1. You have a Video DownloadHelper icon in your tool bar.

2. Just start any YouTube video in Firefox browser and you will get the icon is animated and coloured.

3. Click on small arrow which appears next to animated icon.

4. You will get download option. Select location to store in your computer.

5. Download process will start. After successful download you can easily view in media player.

download youtube videos2

Thus you successfully download any youtube video to your computer using Mozilla Firefox browser.
Video DownloadHelper can capture any video, images, audio files etc. It can work with any website. Just surf any website it detects any media file then it will animated. Just click on small arrow and download media file to your local computer.

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