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How to delete saved passwords in Mozilla Firefox web browser?

1 April 2014 Written by: No Comment

Firefox web browser provides feature to save login information. Whenever you try to login with username and password that hasn’t stored already, browser gives remember username and password option. As you saved it stores your username and password in browser. Don’t need to retype username and password for next time login. It redirect to your account page directly in next time visit.
It is a good feature but it also compromise with your account security. Anyone other than you login to your account by Firefox in your computer. He also able to view your user name and password by browser settings. So if you want to delete saved passwords in Mozilla Firefox web browser than this tutorial is helpful for you.

Follow these steps to delete saved passwords in Firefox web browser.

1. Start Mozilla Firefox web browser.

2. Go to “Tools” menu [Alt+T key].
delete saved password firefox

3. Select “Options” sub menu.

4. Go to “Security” tab in Options dialog box.
delete login password firefox

5. Click on “Saved Passwords…“.

6. Select site and click on “Remove” button. You can also delete all saved passwords stored in your computer by using “Remove All” button. Using “Show Passwords” button, you can view all saved password.
delete saved password firefox

Thus you can delete saved password in Firefox web browser.

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