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How to Choose a good domain name for website

17 September 2011 Written by: 2 Comments

What is Domain Name for website ?

Domain name is address of your website. Every website has a unique name. It is used to identify your ip address.
Eg: http://techvark.com/ is a website address here domain is “techvark” and it’s extension is “.com”. “.com” extension is most popular extensions. Prefer “.com” extension for website.

domain name for website

Follow these tips and techniques for choosing a domain name

1. Always select a short domain name for your website. Domain name should be less than 15 characters.
Eg: wikipedia.com, facebook.com

2. Website domain name should be simple and easy. so everyone remember it easily and they will return back on your domain name in future.

3. Prefer “.com” extension for your website because “.com” extension is most popular domain name extension. If you want make a website for you business then it will help alot to make new visitors for your website.

4. You make sure that your domain name spelling is not quite similar with other spelling then it will confuse your visitors.

5. Always prefer to select these keyword for domain which is related to your business. It helps in search engine optimization.

6. Select a unique domain name which is give idea to visitors that what he will get from this website like www.career.com, www.newsduniya.com etc.

7. you should avoid hyphenated(-) domain name. If confuse to visitors that where hyphen sign used. Hyphen sign becomes domain name complex and domain name not easily memorable.

8. You also prefer to avoid numbers from domain name because numbers is only integer value which is used differentiate your website name with other domain name. It not contains any keyword.

9. When you searching a domain name which is more describe your business and if it is not available then you can use synonym word for domain name.

10. Your domain name should be easily understandable by visitor.

11. Many people registered website with very good domain name but they not renew the domain name. These domain considered as dropped or expired domain. You can go for re registered these dropped domain.

domain name for website
Hope, you like this post. If anybody known further details then share to others via comments. 🙂



  • D2S Web Design India said:

    Domain names containing hyphens and numbers are cheaper for a reason. They suffer the same problem of domains not using a .com extension or with complex spelling.
    Consider Tech-World.com. The names that will stick in people’s mind are “tech” and “world.” Many visitors will just forget the hyphen along the way. Eventually they will try to access your site by typing TechWorld.com

  • Yatin said:

    is .com domain is good for Marketing purposes or some other,

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