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How to Block and Unblock Friends on Facebook

8 June 2011 Written by: 15 Comments

Hello everybody, Today I want to discuss about the topic “How to Block and Unblock Friends on Facebook”. Last time I discussed on “How to save your facebook account from hacking“.

How to Block a friend on Facebook

If somebody is sending you request for friendship again and again. He/She also send message, comments and write on your wall. You want to Block a friend on Facebook.
If You block a friend on Facebook then you not get any notification for him/her in future. Blocked person also not get any update from your side.
You can block a friend or you can also block a person who is not your friend currently.

Follow these steps to block a friend
First Method
1. Login into your Facebook account.
2. Go to friend/person profile page which you want to block.
3. Now click the button “Report/Block This Person” on friend profile page. It is normally found at lower left side on profile page.
block on facebook

Second Method
1. Login into your Facebook account.
2. Move to Account button on top right side and click on “Privacy Settings”.
3. Find a button “Block Lists” in bottom side. Click on “Edit your lists” link.
4. Type person name in Block users part and click the button Block.
Thus you block a friend or person on Facebook.

How to Unblock a friend on Facebook

If you want a unblock previously block friend then follow these steps to unblock a friend.
1. Login into your Facebook account.
2. Move to Account button on top right side and click on “Privacy Settings”.
3. Find a button “Block Lists” in bottom side. Click on “Edit your lists” button.
4. There is list of blocked person in Block users part. Find name which you want to unblock.
5. Click on link Unblock in front of friend name.

Thus you unblock a friend on Facebook.
If you want to check out who is visited in your Facebook profile then check out “How to check Who has visited my Facebook profile?“.
I hope you like this post. Please add comments and feedback. I very much appreciate your feedbacks. Thanks 🙂


  • Navin said:

    nice tuts for noobs, keep posting

  • Eddy said:

    if my friend block me how can i add/open her/his fb back??

  • karina said:


  • shikha said:

    i had blocked by mistake one of my friends’. was frantically trying to get this friend back and lo behold…wow with your help i could unblock him. this is lovely. thanks a lot for the help. god bless you. take care. regards.

  • Bhupendra said:

    This will work only for restricted friends..
    For persons that you have blocked, this will not work since the names of friends whom you have not done un-friend and are in your restricted list will only appear..

  • Adunni said:

    Tanks so much.

  • bhatt devraj said:


  • saloni said:

    Thank u very much………………

    &Happy New Year olllllllllll………

    enjoy a lot

  • pradeep said:

    I became unable to find Block list

  • kapil said:

    Sir i already unblocked my that friend but still i am unabke to see that friend in my friend list..plz help..

  • Arpita Nundy said:

    I confirm that you I am not a spammer . Please please already unblock my friends request . Thanking you in anticipation . Sir !!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Zaheer said:

    Sir by mistake i block my friend but again i unblock to him but i am not able to find him in my freind list even i sent him friend request but he did not recived my req please i want solution on this how i can get all updates and all stuts …. Give me soltuions

  • hs chauhan said:

    pl my block find friend to unblock.

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  • Gavin Jones said:

    It’s so crazy that facebook is blocked in so many countries. It always frustrates me when traveling. Thanks to arcvpn for making it easy to unblock blocked websites.

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