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Best Ways to Learn Python Online

9 July 2015 Written by: No Comment

List of websites to learn Python online

1. Official Python tutorial. Best website to get all documentation related to Python.
The Python Official Tutorial

2. Good Python Tutorial with examples, questions, videos.
Learn Python the Hard Way

3. Learn Python with online practical lessons.

4. Learn Python from Google Education.
Google’s Python Class

5. Join Online Course at Coursera.

6. Learn Python with step by step visual execution of code.
Online Python Tutor

Benefits of Python on other programming languages

1. Easy to learn Python.
2. Writing code in Python is easy compared to other programming languages.
3. Line of code is less compared to other programming languages.
4. Python has powerful libraries to perform any operation.
5. Fast programming and execution of code.
6. Readability of Python code is easy.
7. Easy to use different data structures in Python.

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