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How to best use with your USB flash drive

28 May 2011 Written by: 3 Comments

Today, I want to discuss about how to best use with your USB flash drive or Pen drive.
Now a days Universal Serial Bus (USB) becomes most popular portable device. You store huge data in a small size USB drive. There is a simple or fast way of data transfer using pen drive or USB.
Pen drive is famous between different users for different use. Mostly pen drive use for data transfer and data storage. But there are many different ways you can utilize your pen drive and best use USB flash drive.

best use flash drive

Different Ways use your USB flash drive

1. You can run another Operating System on your system as alternate Operating System like linux etc.

2. You can use your pen drive as a computer maintenance device. Load multiple maintenance applications and virus removal software in your USB. Scan your system by using your USB drive.

3. You can install multiple applications in your USB and use these applications at any other place with portability of applications.

4. You should make your USB drive as a backup and recovery device. You can backup your important folders, photos, software in your USB drive.

5. You can run your USB drive as a complete media player. You make a complete songs collection and enjoy as a portable MP3 player.

6. You can secure your data in your pen drive by encrypting your data. You can also assign password protection to your pen drive.

7. You can use your USB drive as a key or password of your system. Using free application Predator makes your pen drive as a Key. When you plugged in USB to your system then only system get unlocked for work but when you plugged out USB your PC get locked again.

pen drive

8. You can make a fast USB as a extra RAM for Windows7 and Windows Vista operating system. You can increase performance with Ready Boost using a fast pen drive.

9. You can make your USB as learning device. Load E-books and tutorials in your pen drive and makes as a walking library.

10. You can load multiple games in your USB. Enjoy portable gaming.

11. You can use USB drive when working on remote computer. You can work securely on a another person system by using pen drive.

12. You can make your USB drive as a life backup and recovery of your most important documents. You can store soft-copies of your bank details, credit card information, legal papers and any important papers which are important in your life.

These are very simple usage of USB drives, But remember dont loose your USB, Keep it password protected. And while leaving cyber cafe, college labs and your office workstation please plug out USB drives so that you can protect your data from intruders.

I hope this post is some how helpful for you guys. Please add comments below. I appreciate all kind of your valuable feedbacks. 🙂


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