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Four Best FTP Clients

29 December 2010 Written by: One Comment

Today I want to share you best FTP Clients, Every one who have some free or personal website with FTP access should know about free and best FTP clients. If you are new to “FTP Clients” then here we go – FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP is very popular way for file transfer between server and client( your computer). You can upload or download files (and folders) in bulk.

Here is the list of Best FTP Clients software:

  1. FileZilla – World’s most popular open-source FTP client for Windows, Mac and Linux. Its popular because of its simple look, cross-platform support and zero price. FileZilla is open-source with a very good development team so you will get latest updates free very fast compare to other open-source projects.
    Download FileZilla
  2. Best Free FTP Clients

    Best FTP Clients

  3. WinSCP – Another free Windows based ftp client also known as “Windows Secure Copy” It’s a free, open source FTP client which supports SFTP and SCP (These protocols are used for Secure File Transfer). WinSCP is lightweight and fast client which also supports remote text editing. You can download WinSCP for free.
    Download WinSCP-
  4. FireFTP – It is a popular Firefox extension which provides FTP client capabilities in your browser itself. It is very simple extension which run under Firefox and that’s why FireFTP has very small set of features among all other FTP clients. But still its very useful for your occasional uploads because its just an extension of Firefox so there is no setup wizard.
  5. Cyberduck – It’s a free, open-source and most popular FTP client among all Mac users. Along with FTP Cyberduck supports various services like Amazon S3, Quick Look, Growl , Google Storage, Google Docs, Windows Azure, Rackspace Cloud and WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) . It also supports remote editing so that you can edit a file directly from your favorite editor and Cyberduck will do the rest.
    Download Cyberduck

Hope you like this list, if you have like some other ftp clients then share with me. Please comment and share your knowledge.

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  • Mahendra said:

    Filezilla is the best FTP client and totally free. You can check Amazing 3D Paintings at MaheInfo

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