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Awesome Presentation Tools

3 October 2012 Written by: No Comment

Awesome Tools for Presentations

Gone are the days of simple presentations in conferences and offices with infographics only or with some visual add ons. Now is the era of what extra edge you present with your presentations exceeding the expectations of audience. Here, is the list of such easily available presentation tools to make your conference and presentations stand out different from others and effectively make a long lasting impression on the viewers.

Here are the list of presentation tools:

Before Conference/Presentations (What to do before presentation?)

1. Before the conference, once you finalize the details of the session, you can set up a Google Moderator page. It helps you to know your audience, as here they can decide which questions, suggestions or ideas interest them most. Google Moderator gives a voting box at the top of page focusing on submissions recently added and on the rise. It makes it simple and easy to participate. Also, you can include people in your preparation and brainstorm new ideas.

Also, the participants can send you the questions in advance and you can address the most popular questions at the end of your conference/presentation.

You can also embed Google Moderator on your website or with an IFRAME. It is also available for android devices.

Here is the link http://www.google.com/moderator/#0

Here is the link to help center https://sites.google.com/site/moderatorhelpcenter/

presentation tools

2. You can also create a public facebook event for your session. It will not only increase the visibility of your session among their facebook circle but also let you know the RSVP people for the session.

You can simple log in to your facebook account.

Here is the link https://www.facebook.com/events/list

3. Twitter lists can also be very useful , where you can easily keep track of the possible attendees and the tweets related to your event.

Here is the link https://support.twitter.com/articles/76460-how-to-use-twitter-lists

During The Conference/Presentation (What to do during presentation?)

· While you are speaking, you can also set up live streaming for your session with the help of services like UStream and LiveStream. You can do this by webcam attached to your laptop or some mobile application.

Here are the links



· To reach out the larger audience, you can also tell some of your audiences to live blog your session. The advantages to the audience by doing so is that they live blog on their own site not any third party. Thus, they can retain all the web traffic.

Some tools you can suggest for live blogging are Google Docs and Coveritlive.

Here are the links



· Also, during the session you may want to make the session more of a kind of two way traffic rather than one way lecture. To achieve this interaction from your audience, you can add live polls to your slides. People can respond you by sending text messages and with the help of below linked online services, you can show the poll results in your slides in near real time.

Here is the link http://www.polleverywhere.com/

You can also use Google Docs, which allows mobile friendly site for polls enabling people to participate from their mobile browsers.

· You can also show the live tweets about your presentation on the slides. You can do it by using some PPT Template that use Adobe Flash to fetch tweets into your slides. The other way is Live Web, where you can embed any webpage into your slides. You can also embed backchannel Twitter chatter (say, search results for a hashtag), Google Moderator pages, and more.

· In the last slide of your session, you can mention your contact information in a QR code. This will enable people to easily save your contact information in their mobile without typing in and other hassles.

You can create the QR Code online http://ctrlq.org/qrcode/

After Conference/Presentation (What to do after presentation?)

· After the session, you can instantly get the feedback from the audience by SpeakerRate. This will help you improve your event by quality feedback.

Here is the link http://speakerrate.com/

· While the session, many audience may be tweeting about the event. You can archive the interesting tweets and pictures at one place. It will help you analyse the archive and find the relevant data to your business, brand or interests.

You can do this by using some of below tools


· After all this done, you may be interested to share the copy of your presentation to audience. There are plenty of services available for the same. It is recommended to convert the presentation to PDF format before sharing to prevent unnecessary editing.

Sharing can be done via





Hence, these are some very useful tools for presenters which will empower presenter’s effectiveness on stage. These awesome tools will help teachers, kids, students, company presenter and business person. Hope this post helps you to stand out from others.

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