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How to add two or more numbers in MS Excel?

23 February 2014 Written by: One Comment

To add two or more numbers in MS Excel, we use SUM function.

sum function excel

Follow these basic tips to use Sum function in MS Excel.
1. We can write any formula in Formula Bar.
2. Formula always start with equal(=) sign.
3. To perform addition operation, we write =sum(number1,number2,…) then press ‘Enter‘.
We can add any number of cell value using this sum function.
number1,number2 are cell name that we want to add like A1,A2.
A1 is a cell which location is A column and 1th row.
Similar method is use to perform any operation like subtract, multiply, divide, average, max, min etc. MS Excel spreadsheet provides huge number of mathematical function and formulas.

Use AutoSum button

It is a shortcut button for SUM function.
Just click on a cell where you want to get Answer of addition [Active Cell]. Click on AutoSum button then drag the cell that you want to add and press “Enter”. You will get sum in active cell.

autosum button excel

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    thanks for the tut. it’s easy, let me try.

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