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Add Subscribe Button on Facebook Profile

17 September 2011 Written by: 2 Comments

Facebook introduced a new feature “Add Subscribe Button on Facebook profile“. Add subscribe button on Facebook helps to customize News Feed on Facebook. You don’t want to get every update from a particular friend on Facebook or you want only important activity of friend then Subscribe button helps you alot. Other is that if you are not a friend of your interested person or you don’t know personally but you are interest in activity of that person then subscribe button helps to get news feed from that person.

Facebook Subscribe Button

Add subscribe button also helps to broadcast your public message to more number of people. It is just like Twitter where people follow you and following people get your updates. Here also your Non friend people will get your public updates after just click on “Subscribe Button” on your profile. Previously, I discussed on “Save Facebook Account from Hacking“.

How to Enable Subscribe Button to your Facebook Profile

Just go to this link “https://www.facebook.com/about/subscribe” and click on “Allow Subscribers” button. Then you get a dialog box where you can edit your subscribers settings.
Thus you Enable Subscribe Button on your profile page.

add Facebook subscribe button

Now anybody on Facebook can hear you or follow you for getting your public updates. A person who subscribed you will get only your public updates.

Facebook Subscribe helps to control flow of news. It helps to filter friends updates.
Actually which type of updates of particular friend want to get like game updates, photos, videos, comments, like updates etc.

Add Facebook Subscribe Button

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