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5 Useful Android Apps for Students

16 March 2012 Written by: 2 Comments

Now days, Mobile becomes very important part of every person life. Now it’s reach to almost all college student pocket. In present ultimate craze about android phones among students. Apart from gaming, fun, music, there are other way to use android phones. Yes android phones now useful in study. Android Market has collection of android apps that are helpful for students in study. Here, discuss some useful android app that helpful for students in education.

List of Best Android Apps for Students

Android App1: Dictionary – Merriam-Webster
Merriam Webster
Dictionary plays an important role in student life. Merriam-Webster android app is a best app for student to find meaning of word. It also supports voice search. It gives synonyms & antonyms for searching word. You can find meaning of any English word easily and no internet connection needed for search.

Android App2: Scientific Calculator – RealCalc Scientific Calculator
RealCalc Scientific Calculator
It is a best android app for student. Using this app you can add scientific calculator to your android phone. It’s helpful in complex calculations. It is important app for science, engineering students. It is a free android application. It supports unit conversion, fraction calculations, degrees, trigonometric functions, complex mathematical calculations, logarithmic functions etc.

Android App3: Free Notebook – Evernote
Evernote is a free android app to organize your notes, photos, ideas etc. It is useful app to track study plans, manage study material, edit notes, capture photos of whiteboards, prepare time table etc.

Android App4: Wikidroid(Wikipedia Browser)
Free Encyclopedia
It is an android app that helpful to format Wikipedia page for phone. It formats Wikipedia articles for phone. It is free app that helpful for student to quick Wikipedia search. It provides features like live search suggestions, voice search, jump from one to other article, add bookmarks, free page save into memory etc.

Android App5: Aldiko Book Reader
E Book Reader
Aldiko Book Reader is a best ebook reader for students. It is a free android app that supports all pdf files, ePub format etc. You can browse ebooks from different best selling sources. It provides huge catalogue of book. You able to free download ebook, purchase ebook etc. It provides best reading experience to user. Able to customize the settings of text font, color, highlights text, copy text etc.

Hope, you get useful information about Android apps for students. If anybody has further suggestions or ideas, they are most welcome to share using comments. 🙂


  • Daniel said:

    i have an htc inspire and need apps. how or where can i get android apps for free?

  • jack said:

    I use MedDose- medication reminder. it’s for free. Nice app. Reminders work great. I use it daily. You can find it on android market

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