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5 Natural Ways TRY FOR 15 days AND Get Rid Of Your Dandruff

19 October 2013 Written by: No Comment

I am sure if you are search for dandruff natural remedies then you must be facing dandruff flakes daily on your shoulders and loosing your confidence during your office hours and college hours. And you know if you don’t take care now you can face a serious scalp problem in long run. If you ignore know you can loose your hair density as dandruff directly harms your hair root and keep it infected till your hair root is alive. The best way is clean your hair day. Put scarf while travelling so that dust can be avoided. Even anti dandruff shampoos cant help you as these shampoo generally don’t clean the roots properly.

Today I am sharing 5 Natural Ways you should try FOR getting ride of dandruff in 15 days:


You can get rid of dandruff permanently with the help of things are there in your kitchen. These home remedies can be used easily and also they are cost effective with no side effects:

5 natural remedies for dandruff

  1. Put beetroot leaves in plain water and boil it for a short time. then Use that water for washing your hair and you will find that your Dandruff are gone.
  2. Use ‘Reetha’ for Washing your hairs regularly. This can easily remove your dandruff.
  3. Use curd(old one) and apply on your whole scalp weekly twice and wash your hair properly. This can clean your dandruff in 2-3 weeks.
  4. Use mustard oil for daily massage on your hair. This reduces infection in hair roots.
  5. Use ‘Besan’ 1 big spoon with ‘chhach'(butter milk). Prepare a paste of it and apply on dry hairs, then wash it properly with warm water.

These natural ways you can wash your hair regularly and Get Rid Of Your Dandruff. This will surely help you for getting dandruff free and strong hairs. Please share your views if you know any other natural remedies.

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