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5 Most Popular Search Engine in the World 2012

15 July 2012 Written by: 2 Comments

Today, I want to share about “Popular Search Engine in the World”. Web Search Engine is a very important tool available on the internet. It is a easy navigator for user to find anything online. Just type query in search box. It will give optimize results in a specific order. It helps to find right website, right location in right time. Just type particular keyword in search box and get relevant results frequently. Results comes in a specific order. Order depends on many factors like keywords, content uniqueness, page rank etc. Most related sites to type query will come first in the order.
Here make a post about popular search engine. Make a latest list of 5 most popular search engine in the world. These have maximum visitors in the world. For making this list take help of Alexa web analysis website and other online contents. This post help you to understand different popular search engine.

5 Most popular Search Engine

1. Google
Google Search Engine
Alexa Rank: 1 (July 2012)
Google is the most popular search engine in the world. It is best search engine that give best result for hundred million queries in a day. It provides convenient option of customized search. Search result based on page rank. Search results show according to page rank. Higher page rank websites have higher priority. It also famous for other services like Adwards, Google Analytics, Google eBooks, Blogger, Google Translate, Google Maps and many more.

2. Yahoo! Search
Yahoo Search Engine
Alexa Rank: 4 (July 2012)
“Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle”. Another popular search engine in the world. It is best directory based search engine. Yahoo! portal provides many services like Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Groups and many more.

3. Bing
Microsoft Search Tool
Alexa Rank: 29 (July 2012)
It is a Microsoft search engine. Its primary goal to generate fast output of queries and also give more relevant results. It also one of the best search engine.

4. Ask
ask search engine logo
Alexa Rank: 52 (July 2012)
It is another popular search engine. It is a question answering based search engine. Its primary goal to solve questions posed by the user in everyday. Ask Toolbar is a famous add-on for the web-browser.

5. Dogpile
Meta search engine
Alexa Rank: 3,582 (July 2012)
It is a integrate search engine that fetches results from many popular search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask etc. It is a meta search engines. When user send a query to Dogpile. Dogpile send query to different search engines databases. Different search engines result aggregate and give back to user in a single list.

Hope, you like this post about popular search engine. Anyone have further suggestions related to this post then share to us using comments. 🙂


  • piyush said:

    http://www.duckduckgo.com is also most popular search in the world/////////////

    which rank is 2nd in world

  • Panel Saw Machinery said:

    Piyush I am Completely agree with you.Dont know about it rank exactly but i know it is one of the popular search engine.

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