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5 Days SSB Interview Process [Video Demo]

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SSB Interview

SSB stands for “Service Selection Board“. It is a 5 day selection process. The process is to recruit officers for the Indian Defence Forces such as Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force and Indian Coast Guard. It is a five day process. It consists of a series of tests which test your intelligence, analytical, psychological as well as group activity skills.

In general there are 2 stages of SSB process
Stage 1(screening test) : It contains two tests. Day 1 consists of 2 Tests.
Intelligence Test
Picture Perception Test
After screening test some candidates are shortlisted for stage 2 process. Others are allowed to return home.

Stage 2: It consists a series of tests. Day 2/3/4/5 tests are dedicated to stage 2.
After the 2 stages some candidates are shortlisted for medical examinations. Others are allowed to return home.

SSB Interview Process

SSB Interview Day Wise Process

Day 0/Reporting Day
No tests are conducted on reporting day. This day consists of opening speech, document and eligibility verification, student identification, TA form filling, chest no. allotment and accommodation allotment.

Day 1/Screening Test
It is a stage 1 test of SSB process. It comprises of intelligence test (verbal and non verbal) and picture perception and discussion test (PP&DT).

Verbal Test
A written exam contains multiple choice questions. It contains approximate 45-50 questions and time limit approximate 20-30 minutes.

Non Verbal Test
Written exam contains 45-50 questions and time limit approximate 20-30 minutes. It involves a series of figures and patterns. Identify right pattern or find relationship between figures.
Questions are simple but require solving with time management. Questions are similar to general IQ tests and aptitude tests.

Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PP&DT)
It is a simple powerful test. It is a broad filter for selecting candidates who have some chance of making it in the stage 2 testing process.
Candidates are shown a hazy and unclear picture for 30 seconds and asked to write short positive story on their perception of the picture in 3 minutes. In 3 minutes he/she also has to note down some basic parameters like number of characters, age, sex, mood then write a story bringing out the situation perceived in the picture, what is going on in the story, what will be outcome of the situation?
Candidates are given 60 to 90 seconds to narrate their story. After all candidate narrations are done, the candidates discuss their story in a group and come up with one common story.
Candidates are shortlisted according to who perceived the picture correctly, related the characters, made a positive story, narrated the story confidently and took a good part in the discussion.
On the basis of the performance in these tests, some of the candidates get shortlisted for stage 2 testing process and others are allowed to return home the same day. New chest no. is allotted to the successful candidates.

Day 2
Stage 2 process of SSB starts from Day 2. It consist series of psychological tests. It is based on projective testing. It consists series of tests like Thematic Apperception Test(TAT), Word Association Test(WAT), Situation Reaction Test(SRT), Self Description(SD).

Day 3 and Day 4
It consists group testing series. It is a testing process where GTO looks at the candidate performance in group. There are nine activities conducted by the GTO.
1. Group Discussion(GD – 2 Rounds)
2. Group Planning Exercise(GPE)
3. Progressive Group Task(PGT)
4. Group Obstacle Race(GOR)
5. Half Group Task(HGT)
6. Individual Lecturette (Extempore speaking)
7. Individual Obstacles(IO)
8. Command Task(CT)
9. Final Group Task(FGT)

Day 5
Last day of SSB process is the conference day where each candidate is called one by one for a final look and for final decision. After Final result some candidates are recommended and others are made to leave.

Successful candidates or recommended candidates are stay back for further medical examination. It takes 5-6 days.

Interview – Individual interview will be conducted on any day 2/3/4 after psychological tests. Interview schedule depends on interviewing officer’s availability. Every stage 2 candidate goes through interview round. Interview process plays very important role in final selection of candidates.

SSB Interview Process [Video Demo]

Best Books for SSB Interview Preparation

1. SSB Interview The ‘Complete Guide’ by Dr.(Cdr)NK Natarajan

2. Modern SSB Interviews by Col. Kuldip S. Dosanjh

3. SSB: What? How? And Why? by J.B.Mall

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