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4 Amazing YouTube Tools

1 October 2012 Written by: One Comment

This post will show you some very useful available tools to enrich your experience with Youtube. Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month and Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube. With this kind of huge traffic, everyone wants to a unique and innovative way to get more out of a normal youtube video.

Here, are 4 Amazing YouTube tools that can help you to enhance your experience with youtube.

Amazing YouTube tools

1. ViewPure

Many times, it happens that while watching a youtube video, we are distracted by related videos, comments, likes etc. ViewPure helps you to watch YouTube videos without comments, suggestions, or the ‘other’ things. This is for pure video viewing.

You have to simply paste the youtube url of the video you want to watch and there you go. Apart from this you can also use it anywhere by dragging the button available on the site to the bookmark toolbar of your browser. Now, whenever you want to watch a purified video only you have to click this button on the youtube webpage.

Also, ViewPure gives you options like choice of background (Black or White).

You can also create a link to your personalised video using ViewPure. Is also has facility to protect your link with a password. You can also change the dimensions and the start time of the video. This is a very good website for the purifying your youtube video.


Here is the link http://viewpure.com/

amazing youtube tools

2. Veedcast

Veedcast is on the theme on see with your friends. Here, you can see the same video, running at same time with your friends, who are sitting at different places. This gives you a virtual joy of watching the video together. Veedcast will launch a channel for the video, which you can share with your friends. You can start playing the video, when all your friends are present. Thus, you all will share the same video running on the same time. This will create a private room for all your friends where you can also interact with each other using comments. The host of the video also has rights to control playback options.

This is really enjoyable application to be apparently closer to your friends.

Here is the link


3. Deturl

Youtube does not allow you to download the videos directly. For this, there are numerous applications to download the video both via a website or software. Deturl is one such medium which gives you a number of options in form of various formats of video to be downloaded like mp4, flv etc. It also gives tools to convert to other formats. Apart from all this, they have a complete list of tools and tricks comprising of options like bypass country restriction, timelink, looping of the video etc.

All you have to do is as below.

For example your video link is

You need to add pwn before youtube and then enter in the browser, it will open in deturl.


Here is the link http://deturl.com/

Now, on Deturl, you will get the links to download the video. You can have much fun using this website due to variety of options available at one site.

4. Tubechop

It happens many a times with us, that we like only a particular section of a long video. But, we have to unnecessarily watch or share the entire video to focus on the desired part. This can be resolved simply by using Tubechop. It’s a very simple website that allows you to chop the interesting section you want to focus from any YouTube video and share it.

You just need to head to the website, paste the url of youtube video on it. It will load the video and you will be provided with two markers, one is start marker and other one is end marker. You need to drag the two markers fitting to your favourite section to be chopped and you are done. You can also add some comment to your chopped selection. Also, you can enter start and end duration of the video in the provided fields to chop the section. This will give you a link to the section, now you can share the link with your friends and embed on your website.

Here is the link http://www.tubechop.com/


This is the best app for the persons who enjoys doing fun with different kind of videos as well as professional people presenting to some larger audiences to use the time and focus of audience effectively.

Thus, these are some youtube tools that can make you to get best out of usual YouTube videos. Enjoys using them as per your needs and moods.

Hope it helps. More such suggestions about YouTube tools are welcome in the comments.


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  • Michael said:

    You should try , a free tool to chop a segment of a YouTube video. It’s free, embedded in Facebook and you can make gif !

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