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Top 10 most visited websites in the world

9 May 2011 Written by: 44 Comments

Today I want to share about “Top 10 most visited websites”.
This list is created with the help of Alexa Rank Analysis.

List of Top 10 most visited websites

1. www.google.com
rank 1 website in the world.
Google is a American multinational industry. It provides many internet services and web based products. It works on Internet search, cloud computing, advertising technologies.
Google search engine provides search anything on internet from all over world. It’s searching Technology is also unique. It is founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

2. www.facebook.com
rank no 2 website in the world
Facebook is a social networking site. It is developed by Mark Zuckerberg with his college fellows.
It started from Feb 2004. On Facebook currently more than 600 million active users.
It helps to connects people, make friends, share photos, videos, links to others.

3. www.youtube.com
rank no 3 website in world
YouTube is a video sharing website where you can share any video, search video, watch any youtube video online.
It is also help to generate movie clips, user content, television clip, video blogging.

4. www.yahoo.com
rank no 4 website in the world
Yahoo full name is “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle”.
It provides many services on the internet like Yahoo Search, Yahoo Directory, Yahoo Mail, Advertising, Yahoo News, Yahoo Maps, Yahoo Video etc.

5. www.blogger.com
rank 5 website in world
Blogging is a blog publishing service which is used to share your thoughts and information to others. blogs are hosted by sub-domain of blogspot.com. It is free service to share something on internet.
You also add photos, videos, link to your blog post. It is launched by Pyra Labs in 1999. In 2003 it is bought by Google.

6. www.baidu.com
rank no. 6 website in the world
It is a leading Chinese language search engine. Baidu provides more than 50 services like Baidu Baike, Baidu Map, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu MP3, Baidu Image Search, Baidu Video Search etc.
It is also provides mobile search engine.

7. www.wikipedia.org
wiki encyclopedia
Wikipedia is a free, web-based, collaborative, multilingual encyclopedia. Wikipedia was launched in 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. Wikipedia is freely available to all users to share any data and also available edit option to everyone. You can add more information to any post.

8. www.live.com
microsoft windows
It is a collective brand name for a set of services and software products from Microsoft.
It provides many services like instant messaging, live account, SkyDrive, photo gallery, Hotmail, movie maker, search engine, secure online file storage etc.

9. www.twitter.com
Twitter is a micro-blogging and social networking service provider website. It enable users to send and read message. You can share text tweet, share link to your followers.
You can also send and receiver any personal message. The tweet text character limit is fixed. Limit of text tweet is 140 characters. It was launched in July 2006.

10. www.qq.com
rank no. 10 website in world
Tencent QQ, is known as QQ. It is the most popular free instant messaging computer program in Mainland China. Active QQ users counts are more than 600 million. It becomes the world largest online community.
It also provides shopping platform, QQ mail, QQ games, Search Engine, Virtual Pets, blogs etc.

I hope you like this post about top websites by traffic. Please do comments. šŸ™‚


  • Mr American said:

    QQ and Baidu can lick my asshole !!! Chink sites shouldn’t count because there are like 10000 trillions of those bitches chinamen in China and their internet is all censored like shit !!


  • Steve said:

    I would like to apologize to the world for the ignorant idiot
    “Mr American” [above]. Please rest assured that all Americans
    are not as intellectually immature as the one that posted above.
    Nope, not even the rednecks.

  • Sue said:

    i thought that facebook was the number one most viewed website in the world hmm

  • The biz said:

    A very informative list and i wasnt surprised about the top 2 websites.

  • Stu said:

    Would have thought Amazon would be in that list. Never heard of QQ!

  • Bryan Dantis said:

    Yupe, exactly, QQ aint that famous website infact, it shouldn’t be in top 20 atleast…google HAS to be no.1, coz just imagine, millions of people keep searching for something all around the world. I’m not sure whether the google website (in the above top 10 list) includes all google products like orkut, picasa, google+, etc etc…if so, then undoubtedly therz no chance of other websites to take a lead ahead of Google…But as just a search engine website, google is still the best and deserves to be no.1…wher as, facebook is a social networking site, and also social gaming site to an extent…Youtube, again in 3rd, din’t suprise me…top three in the above list is probably, or i can say, an accurate analysis of website ranking…

  • Harsimran Singh said:

    Not surprised about the top 5 websites.

  • Gannoj Sreenivas said:

    Hi , its nice to see the sites in the top list area in the world .

  • travel technology said:

    these are really good sites.Thanks for sharing.

  • secrert said:

    nyz blog

    top websites above are for real

  • rajesh said:

    i think facebook is number one website in the entire world
    because many people spend time with facebook

  • howtocore said:

    Interesting top but I have a feeing that in the next 2 years Facebook will go from this top. howtocore.

  • Danish said:


    you will find all the stat here on this site…Above mentioned List is absolutely correct..

  • Haroon Aslam said:

    your website is too good.i like it very much.

  • Thabo Austin Makhele said:

    Thanks for the information. Also never heard of QQ – I guess its only popular in china and other Asian countries.

  • Mrs England said:

    Steve i think that you are absolutly right in saying that “Mr American” is an ignorant idiot who clearly needs to know that not everyone in china visites that website and people in america, england and anywhere else might want to visit that website and he has been disrespectful by calling them bitches and telling them to lick your “ASSHOLE”!! It is called the top 10 websites in the WORLD for a reason and that includes China!!

  • Davidos said:

    Not surprised about #6 and #10. Never heard of the others… Google??? Yahoo??? Facebook??? WTF…..

  • Googler said:

    I think number 1 will be Facebook cuz its in other pages and 2 shud be Google….. Wikipedia is declared 5th globally so its wrong and never heard of QQ and Baidu/…… (No Offense) just sharing my opinion with u guyzz

  • Captain Planet said:

    Mr America you are GARBAGE TRASH!

  • Alex said:

    Actually it’s wrong.Right now the top 3 are YouTube, Google and Wikipedia according to an official post from YT

  • Aiden Sheehan said:

    I have never heard of Blog spot either or the chinese ones but then me so very stupid

  • fazal karim said:

    i think some website in this list were strange to me. I never hear about then and they got top 10 visited sites.my email is Greatniazi17@gmail.com

  • M. Rahbari Nejad (AMIR ) said:

    Dear Organisor,

    Good day, It is nice and whatever information given here on pupolar web-sites may not be updated , but it is a good job and appreciating you for all your efforts and please keep it up .( Amir )

  • Fuzzybear said:

    No people facebook is not number one. Google is multinational and basically anyone with internet access and a computer will use google alot more than facebook. facebook is just to socialize, Google is to search up anything u want to know, listen, watch, etc.

  • Nav said:

    Some websites such as google.com, yahoo.com,facebook.com, baidu.com are certainly top ranking. Besides, we should give high rank to wikipedia.com since they are information sharing, but above are not for information sharing.

  • youtube-girl said:

    first 3 is no surprise

  • akash said:

    wikipedia should be ranked first

  • aravinth indian said:

    wikipedia should come #2nd because it has a lot of information and details. at the same time in this circumestences i would like to tell that facebook cannot come at #1 as it is just for time pass and social network but whereas google is a multiuser website which has billions and millions of collection of programs. please try to understand. At the same time I also tell that mr.american is wrong.
    as mr.indian i wold like to say that this is ratings not totally correct.
    my email: coolbuddy.r.aravinth@gmail.com
    and website is: aravi03.hpage.com

  • Cazielin said:

    This is all believable to me.

  • niamh said:

    I definitely think Facebook won’t be in the top 3 in a few year’s time. Remember Bebo? That used to be so popular but now no-one uses it anymore. I’d say the same will happen to Facebook and Twitter.

  • hitler's apprentice said:

    Praise Hitler!!!!!!! kill all jews!!!!

  • Ankush said:

    I think wikipedia is much popular than blogger.

  • Danish ansari said:

    Remember Bebo? That used to be so popular but now no-one uses it anymore. Iā€™d say the same will happen to Facebook and Twitter.

  • Imran Safi (Afghanistan) said:

    Well, I am agree with all websites listed in list but QQ? Puhhh Not agree with that.


  • Promit said:

    Yeah mr American You truely suck..
    Me too havn’t heard of Baidu & QQ…QQ to mee looks like a chinese gadget manual.ebay should have been enlisted or atleast myspace
    God bless you.

  • Robyn said:

    Wow Mr American is a RACIST. Sorry its not nice but Americans are wonderful, no doubt, but racist ones AREN’T.

  • lado said:

    2012 would be.

  • Faisal said:

    nice research. Stay blessed.

  • The ChosenOne said:

    I think Google, is good ar were it is. I mean, why not. To look for “Facebook”, you have to go through google first, then you go to Facebook. It’s obviuse realy…

    Anyway no one can’t compete against google. It is still my fav. search engine of all.

    Keep up the good work. I like the list.

  • GATO said:

    Isn’t weibo is the most popular site on china???


  • HitMan said:

    owh what a great list, from which resource you have got these website ranks? alexa or other?

  • lista gratis sotavento said:

    It’s actually a great and useful piece of info. I am glad that you simply shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  • Will said:

    Davidos you’ve gotta be joking about you not knowing those sites

  • Selina said:

    this list is so bad….

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