Top NIT colleges ranking list for MCA (NIMCET 2012)

The All National Institutes-(NIT) are top colleges for Master of Computer Application(MCA) course. For getting admission in NIT’s you have to crack NIMCET which it the only way to NIT’s MCA. You can also check for “NIMCET MCA Entrance Exam 2012“.

nimcet 2011


This exam organizes for getting admission in 11 National Institute of Technology which are the leading colleges of India.
This blog post written by me from my personal research during my NIMCET counselling. And the truth is: NIT colleges are the best colleges for MCA.

NIT colleges ranking for MCA – (you should fill in this order)

1. NIT Tiruchirappalli(Trichy)
2. NIT Surathkal
3. NIT Warangal
4. MNNIT Allahabad
5. NIT Calicut
6. MANIT Bhopal
7. NIT Durgapur
8. NIT Jamshedpur
9. NIT Kurukshetra
10. NIT Raipur
11. NIT Agartala

nimcet 2011


1. NIT Tiruchirappalli(Trichy)

The top most college for MCA in India.
It is located at Tamil Nadu.
Placement is excellent.
Average package  is 4.5 lakh per annum.
Fee structure: 48,150 Rs Per annum.
Note: 50 percent seats are reserved for Tamil Nadu students.
Website :

2. NIT Surathkal

The second best college for MCA.
It is located at Mangalore, Karnataka.
Placement is excellent.
Average package is 4.5 lakh Rs Per annum.
Fee structure : 61,350 Rs Per annum.
Website :

3. NIT Warangal

The third best college for MCA.
It is located at Warangal, Andhrapradesh.
Placement is excellent.
Average package is 4.5 lakh Rs Per annum.
Fee structure : 56,600 Rs Per annum.
Website :

4. MNNIT Allahabad

The fourth best college for MCA.
It is located at Allahabad Uttar Pradesh.
Placement is excellent.
Average package is 4 lakh Rs Per annum.
Fee structure : 34,000 Rs Per annum.
Website :

5. NIT Calicut

The fifth best college for MCA.
It is located at Calicut, Kerala.
Placement is excellent.
Average package is 4 lakh Rs Per annum.
Fee structure : 42,757 Rs Per annum.
Website :

6. MANIT Bhopal

The sixth best college for MCA.
It is located at Bhopal Madyapradesh.
Placement is good.
Average package  is 3 lakh Rs Per annum.
Fee structure : 57,280 Rs Per annum.
No hostel facility available for MCA boys candidates
Website :

7. NIT Durgapur

The seventh best college for MCA.
It is located at Durgapur West Bengal.
Placement is good.
Average package is 3 lakh Rs Per annum.
Fee structure : 40,000 Rs Per annum.
No hostel facility for MCA candidates
Website :

8. NIT Jamshedpur

The good college for MCA.
It is located at Jamshedpur Jharkhand.
Placement is good
Average package  is 3 lakh Rs Per annum
Fee structure : 50,500  Rs Per annum
Website :

9. NIT Kurukshetra

The good college for MCA.
It is located at Kurukshetra Haryana.
Placement is good.
Fee structure : 72,500 Rs Per Semester
Fees is too high compare than other NIT
Website :

10. NIT Raipur

The good college for MCA.
It is located at Raipur Chhattisgarh.
Placement is good.
Fee structure : 41,050 Rs Per annum.
Website :

11. NIT Agartala

The good college for MCA.
It is located at Agartala Tripura.
Placement is good.
Fee structure : 58000 Rs Per annum.
Website :

I have collected all this information during my BCA final year. After NIMCET Exam I got call from in 2 Nits.

I hope this information will help you. Please write your comments and feedbacks.

Best of luck for NIMCET 🙂

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  1. Naveen Mishra says:

    excellent job,
    after reading the topic many doubts of mine are clear now.
    thank u very much..

  2. Deepak Singh says:

    Thank u very much……

  3. priyanka says:

    thanx 4 this useful info sir…..

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    thanks for guidance colleges & useful information

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  6. deepak says:

    thanks buddy it helps a lot.
    May god bless you

  7. shubham says:

    this information wil help me alot thnx plz kindly updat it if u get any updation topic regarding 2 these clges thank you

  8. manisha says:

    these r vry helpful informations…..
    thank u sooo much for easily available….!!!

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    thnk you very much sir this information is just ossom yar 🙂

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    god bless you..

  11. Anuj kumar says:

    Many many thanks to u my dear for this information.

  12. Ravi says:

    i m persuing bsc it i eligible for those exams

  13. deepak says:

    Hello Ravi
    You sure eligible
    Check out for eligibility for NIMCET :

  14. john says:

    i want to know how much mark did i want to get a good rank in nimcet entrance exam. i write the nimcet 2011 exam. and when i calculate i got 121 mark in the exam. sir pls immediately send the answer of my question.

  15. Karan says:


    I have got all india rank of 204 in NIMCET 2011. Can you suggest what colleges should I apply for(in order of preference as per the placements)
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  16. vanika says:

    my rank is 1157..general dere ne scope 4 me in nit?

  17. Deepak Purbia says:

    Hello vanika

    not sure but in last round you got seat in any nit.

  18. Vijay M says:

    Hi, frnd
    I got 956 rank in nimcet2011, ther any scope…….

  19. jyoti says:

    sir, i got 175 rank in nimcet2011. can you please suggest me which college should i go??? or which college will i get???

  20. Swati says:

    thanx a lot!!!dis info is really awesome nd best….

  21. sourav bhardwaj says:

    my all india rank is 760.
    And obc rank is 153.
    which college would be best for me.i also like to select that college where fess will be less.and i like only three colleges nit allahabad,bhopal and kurukshetra.

  22. venkatesh says:

    This information is more useful to the students.

  23. Deepak Purbia says:

    Hello Vikas M

    If you general category student then not sure but u will get seat nit in second round of counseling.

    Hey if you belong any reserve category like obc, sc, st than damn sure u get seat in nit for mca.

  24. Deepak Purbia says:

    Hello Jyoti

    congrats you sure get seat in NIT warangal, surathkal, allahabad.

  25. Deepak Purbia says:

    Hello Sourav Bhardwaj

    You sure got seat in NIT bhopal and NIT kurukshetra.
    NIT kurukshetra fees high compare to all NIT.

  26. Ashok says:

    My all india rank is
    And sc rank is 19.
    which college would
    be best for me. what is probablity to be selected in nit trichy

  27. amit shah says:

    thanks for guidance

  28. vishal pandey says:

    Thank! information about TOP NIT RANKING COLLEGES FOR MCA are very useful.

    What r the chances of getting a seat, my NIMCET 2011 rank is 1042?

  29. vishal pandey says:

    Thanks! Information about NITs are very useful.

    Sir, What are the chances of getting a seat, my rank in NIMCET 2011 is 1042?

  30. aman says:

    sir my all india nimcet2011 rank is 479 op category is there any chance of getting nit kuk for me?

  31. Gaara says:

    thanx alot………

  32. khushi says:

    hello sir,
    thanks for the information. could you please tell me what college i will get? my All India (OP) rank is 1092 and All India OBC rank is 214?

  33. Deepak Purbia says:

    Hello Khusi

    You sure get nit according to previous year nimcet10 allotment.
    You will get nit bhopal, jamshedpur, kurkshetra.

  34. Deepak Purbia says:

    Hello Aman
    You sure get nit kurukshetra according to your rank.

    • Gaurav says:

      My genral rank is 3292..and obc 2200….
      There any chance getting nit clg…or second round con selling..
      Pls ans me sir

  35. Deepak Purbia says:

    Hello Ashok

    not sure for nit trichi
    bt u will get nit suratkal, warangal easily.

  36. Deepak Purbia says:

    Hello Vishal Pandey

    If you belong to any reserve category like obc, sc, st then you will sure get seat in nit in first round else you may be get nit second or third counselling.

  37. aman says:

    Thanks a lot sir you help me lot, a heartly thanks to you

  38. jyoti says:

    thanx alot sir… but there is one doubt… which one should i prefer allahabad or surathkal??? which is best considrng place as well as plcmnts… and plzz tellme that hws allahabad??

  39. jyoti says:

    plzz tellme nit allahabad is deemed university?? plz clear ma doubt!!

  40. kuldeep yadav says:

    i have get 1234(obc)rank in nimcet mca 2011 which college can i get

  41. kuldeep yadav says:

    sir i have get 1234(obc) rank in nimcet mca 2011 which college can i get

  42. vikas says:

    helo sir my obc nimcet2011 rank is 768 , is there any chance of getting any nit for me?

  43. manav says:

    thank a lot…
    my rank is 1587…can i get admsn in nit krk??

  44. twishykhandelwal says:

    my AIR rank is 169…will I get NIT Allahabad… n which is better NIT Allhabad or NIT Warangal??

  45. ANUPAM says:

    my rank is air 610 in nimcet which college is preperable for me.

  46. Firdous Alam says:

    I have got 1050 rank in obc cat can i get best nit colleges.

  47. ankit says:

    i haveget1700rank in nit entrance test. please tell me which colleges i am selected in counselling.please mail me tomorrow 8june.

  48. GUNJAN KEDIA says:

    sir my rank is 4070(gn). pls tell me is there is any chance of getting NIT…………

  49. RAVI KUMAR PATEL says:

    in NIMCET2011, i got in All India Rank(OP) 3173 and in All India Rank (OBC) 803. AND eligible for Counselling in (A.I./O.S.) OP and OBC seats BOTH.
    can get admission in any NIT collage through OBC category.
    sir, please tell me as soon as possible.

  50. prakash says:

    sir, my all india rank in nimcet is 4044,can i get admission in any nit….?

  51. prakash says:

    sir,i got 4044 rank in nimcet, can i have any chance in nit..

  52. Sunil kumawat says:

    Sir i have got 416 all india & 92(obc)rank so tell me which nit i can get

  53. nimisha says:

    thanks alot….it’s very useful..

  54. sathish says:

    sir my rank is 52 in tamilnadu op category and rank in obc category is 27 will i get nit trichy

  55. Govind mantri says:

    Hi sir,
    I passed BCA this year. But problem with me that i haven’t Maths at 10+2 Level i had Commerce+Computer Science so how can i eligible for NIMCET . Is there any option like i clear any 10+2 level maths paper and get chance to appear in NIMCET or is there any college which provide direct admission in MCA i have 72%+ throghtout . Pls suggest.. please mail me if u have time or will check here..
    Thankx God bless u
    Govind mantri

    • Deepak Purbia says:

      Hello Govind Mantri
      You haven’t maths at 12th level then please give only maths paper by any open schooling board like National Institute of Open Schooling and passed 12th maths paper before NIMCET counselling.
      Open school result is also valid for NIMCET.
      Check Out for Further Details :

  56. SHEFALI says:

    I have got 101 rank in open category,is there any possibility for nit warangal??kindly help me out,ur assistance is badly needed..

  57. shefali says:

    SIR, i have got 101 rank in nimcet open category,is there any possibility of getting nit warangal?? kindly help me..ur kindness is badly needed..

  58. SUMAN says:

    hello sir i got 42 rank in sc category … can i get admission in warangle or surthkul

  59. SUMAN says:

    sir , 1 thing i wana know . is that
    is there ny chance of mine to get nit trichy ?

  60. deepak says:

    sir i got 1504 rank in nimcet 2011,
    is there is any chance of getting any nit college in mca.
    plz reply soon ……………

  61. Sunil kumawat says:

    Sir tell me fees structure for nit in mca 2011 batch

  62. Surjeet Rathore says:

    Hi Sir,I have got 1682 rank in(general cetegroy) all India.Is there any chance in NITs?? and thanx for these valuable information…

  63. sathish says:

    sir my rank is 52 in tamilnadu op category and 27 in tamilnadu obc will i get nit trichy

  64. rajshree says:

    i have got 1449 (AIR open) rank in nimcet2011
    plz tell me that what prefernce shuld i lock to get into nit?
    reply early bcoz 2day is the last date till 5pm

  65. hari says:

    Thanks for your information this is a wonderful job plz….. do like this job and help d students………. bye…… if any NIT Colleges information is there plz send it to my mail Id….. plz do that work for me……… thank you…………..

  66. surjeet says:

    sir i have got air 1744 rank and obc rank is 381 so can i selected or not sir ,

    • Deepak Purbia says:

      Hello Surjeet
      There is some chance to get NIT in 2nd and last round of NIMCET counseling
      best of luck

  67. sri says:

    i got 607 open category, 18 in sc category can i got seat in warangal

  68. BIPIN says:

    Sir,i got seat in NIT RAIPUR with the rank 478(Gen).Can i upgrade this to get chance in NIT DURGAPUR?

  69. Ankita Sharma says:

    Sim my rank 648(gen).Can i got any college in secound rounu.Sir i not get any college in first round. Plz tell me hurry.

  70. aman says:

    my AIR rank is 479 general category i alloted nit raipur in first round can i get nit kurushetra in second round

  71. narendra singh kushwaha says:

    my rank is 924 in(obc categoury).

  72. sudhakar yadav says:

    hello sir my nimcet rank is 1317(GEN) and 282(OBC)………
    can i get any nit in second councelling i did not get seat in first round?

    • Deepak Purbia says:

      He Dear
      U sure get any nit in Second Counseling according to 2010 nimcet seat allocation analysis.
      Best of Luck

  73. Akanksha says:

    My general rank is 252 in nimcet 2011.i got nit bhopal in first round,is dere any chance of getting allahabad????? plz reply

  74. swati kumari says:

    i got 1273 rank in nimcet, and 266 rank in obc category.. is there any chance to get any nit??
    reply soon..

  75. sudhakar yadav says:

    I have got 1317(GN) and 282(OBC) rank in nimcet ……….
    Can i get any NIT.PLZ reply ………………….

  76. Akanksha says:

    sir…i wanna know is dere any chance of getting allahabad nit in any round- i got 252 air,nd belong to general category..i got bhopal nit in first round allotment,,your rply is needed sir
    plz rply sir

  77. m.uday kiran says: have done great job for is really helpful

  78. m.uday kiran says:

    sir we are economically poor to do mca in nit’s.please give information whether banks provide loans to us and also do they ask any security
    please mail me as soon as possible

  79. mamta says:

    my rank is 3806..general dere ne scope 4 me in nit?plz sir/mam give me ans…………

  80. mamta says:

    hello sir my nimcet rank is 3806(GEN) ………
    can i get any nit in second councelling i did not get seat in first round?…………plz give me ans…….

  81. saurav singh says:

    sir can u help me about maximum rank for gen whatever he can got any nit college.and what is cut of marks for gen students?

  82. Vikas Gupta says:

    sorry Mamta, u can’t get any nit..u can get approx idea from seat distribuion of nimcet 09..

    visit the link above..

  83. Akanksha says:

    cud u kindly tell what is spot admission in nimcet which will b held on 4th july??
    how wud i come 2 know dat i cud get any seat or not?
    my air is 252(gen) and got manit bhopal but i want mnnit allahabad-is dere any chance?plz reply

  84. Vikas Gupta says:

    Akansha u got a seat in NIT , so spot admission is not for u. If any seat remains vacate after 3rd counselling then spot admission will be held to fill that seat.After 3rd counselling there is no chance for any upgradation. For more enquiry u may contact to nimcet authority.

  85. tajinder says:

    please send me 10 top collage in punjab for mca. witch is best in placement

  86. vishal singh says:

    thanks for information sir
    i got all india rank 6 in op and locked nit-trichy.
    can you tell me the fee structure of this college including “hostel and mess charges”??

  87. Yusuf says:

    Hey Vishal, you could get the fee structure from Nit Trichy website. I got it from there only.. The hostel and mess charges per semester uptil last year were 12800/semester.. i dont know if its gonna channge dis year.. tho its highly unlikely.. Even i have been allotted NIT-T and am leaving for Trichy soon. Where are you from ? Do get back to me on my FB account.. its and we could discuss some stuff..

  88. VIKAS GUPTA says:

    hi yusuf and vishal i also got a seat in nit trichy..i m from delhi…please contact me on

  89. bhartvarsh says:

    very nice.thanks a lot.

  90. bhupesh says:

    sir my obc rank is 655 can u tell me any chance of admission in any nit on 2nd physical cousling

  91. Akash verma says:

    is MCA taught at at NIT,patna?
    please respond soon, i’m awaiting reply

  92. rohit dhawan says:


    • Deepak Purbia says:

      Hello Rohit Dhawan
      May be not sure u will get bt try last chance on spot admission on vacant seats
      Spot Admission of various NIT’s are centralized this time by MANIT on 29th July. This is your last chance. Go for it.
      For more information go to

  93. garima says:

    thanx information is really vry useful

  94. shalu says:

    i am bca passout 2011(75%(1& 2 year)))can i take direct addmission in nimset for mca

  95. Vijay M says:

    My A.I/O.P Rank in NIMCET 2011 is 956(GEN).
    but I failed to attend the 2nd Round spot admission(I saw the advertisement on the counseling date),
    So, what if seat remain in NIts after 4th Aug,
    can I apply to vacant seats on 8 th Aug, or its just for only reg candidates at the time of spot admission…
    Pls provide me relevant Information..


    Hallo Sir,I am a B.C.A final yr student and I am preparing for NIMCET 2012….Can u plzzz suggest me any good mathematics book for NIMCET????
    I shall be very much grateful to you.

  97. jhabar says:

    sir/madam i got nit allahabad in spot.and i want STUDY into please tell me what can i do for this because i want to leave nit…

  98. Parmeswar says:

    i am parmeswar, & i am from bilaspur(c.g.) & I am in bca final year..
    there is no any good coaching center in bilaspur for mca
    so will you tell me about any on-line coaching center,
    if you know about this,
    please inform me,,
    i will realy thankfull to you.
    plaese inform me ……..

  99. Parmeswar says:

    my e-mail is
    please inform me………..

  100. Rohith says:

    Highest salary at NIT-T is 43 lakhs? are you serious?? or is it just a typo?

  101. Mily says:

    Sir what are the criteria for appearing nimcet entrance exam???

  102. santosh kumar suman says:

    Hi sir,
    I am student of BCA final year from PTU(DEP). I have passed 10+2 with 50% marks but Math is my additional subject and get 40% marks in this subject. I want to apper in NIMCET,JNU,DU,BHU and other exam.Moreover,
    I will get approxmately 70% marks in BCA.
    Can i apper in this exam yes/not?
    Please send detials on my E-mail id

    Thank you

  103. kanu says:

    hi sir your information is very useful to me.can you please tell me that there is any need to take any coaching for mca for going to nit and please tell me the rank at which i get admission in nit as i am from (gen)category.

  104. ANIL BALAN says:

    I m student of bca final year. I got 58% & 62% in bca first year & 2nd year from raj uni. Rajsthan.How can i prepair for nimcet & iit for mca.
    I like this information that related to mca.
    Thanks allot.

    Anil balan

  105. Debasish Sahoo says:

    Sir i have done B.Sc(IT) course in this year. For NIT entrance,which book
    i will prefer to get all the question.

  106. vicky nathani says:

    thanks for giving me information about NIMCET. It is very for all who are preparing for nimcet

  107. rahul says:

    i think NIT kurukshetra is far better than most of NITS u can ask any NITIAN he will tell and placment wise its among the best ..comparable ti IITS ..may be due to nearness to delhi be a reason . so doing MCA ki an oppurtunity there .
    as i suggest .
    warangal is also good

  108. sanjay patidar says:

    sir, i may be requested form you . ihave given exam of 12 math .after thedn i did not passed 12 math exam .so iif i clear nimcet exam .i may
    give the exam.plz send e,mail

  109. vinita says:

    the fee given 4 NIT agartal is wrong …..nd ranking…….

  110. Shikha chauhan says:

    I have 12 pas with 49 pes. in p.c.b. And I apply maths exam in NIOS . Then , Do I eligible in NIT EXAM ?? Pls send your ans. And Do I gets direct addmission in MCA ?? I m wating your ans. Rply pls.

  111. Shikha Chauhan says:

    Hello sir, my 10th -43% , but I have 12th passed with 49% , in p.c.b. And I applied for maths in NIOS. So I can eligible for NIMCET-2012. Or other Pls rply me fast……………

  112. Pritam says:

    r u from West Bengal?from where do u Studied for Nimct Examz

  113. swarna says:

    You Have provided very valuble fee sructure..package and all that thank you for that..

  114. prashanth says:

    my doubt is im not gettting the 60% marks in inter so would apply or not

  115. NAMRATA DUBEY says:


  116. surajkant vishwakarma says:


  117. Amina Nasrin says:

    hello sir
    i am a student of bsc( comp. sc.),and will complete graduation in 2013.
    can u please tell me how to prepare for nimcet and could u please suggest me some good objective books for preparation as i dont want to take any coaching anywhere.
    thank u.

  118. sanjana singh says:

    hello, sir can u please tell me any strategy for solving the paper as the paper pattern has changed this year and is there any defence quota in nit’s?? plz send rly …..

  119. M.Venkatesh says:

    Its a great work of providings such a valuable info to freshers sir.. But i have a small doubt in my mind pls clarify as soon as possible..

    Sir i ought to get an admission in NIT-Warangal. So how many marks should i get in nimcet and under which rank i should get. Pls help me with this…
    Thank you Sir…

  120. MY says:

    Dear Author,

    This is a valuable webpage for students in the dark about NITs. As the time for NIMCET draws near, this page will be visited very often by information seeking students. I would suggest you to please update the information regarding the several NITs as the fee structure and the average placements have changed since 2011.
    Nice Job.

    Best wishes.

  121. RK PNKJ says:


  122. DEEPAK KHATI says:

    Hellow friend,
    Dear I completed my BCA in 2010 and its too long that I have no touch with maths.
    I am appearing NIMCET-2012..
    As I haven’t prepared maths verywell but my computer,english and logical n analytical reasoning is quite good… so do u have any idea that how many correct answers will make me eligible to come under merit list, so I will gt a seat in best NITies….(clearify my doubt) REPLY
    Thank you

  123. sanjana singh says:

    Good morning sir,
    I got 492 rank in open category, can u suggest me which nit will i get ? which nit is bets according to my rank for placement?

  124. NAVYA says:

    my rank is 1427 for nimcet2012..general dere ne scope 4 me in nit?plz sir/mam give me ans…………

  125. NAVYA says:

    my rank is 1427 for nimcet2012..general there any scope 4 me in nit?plz sir/mam give me ans…………

  126. nidhi patidar says:

    Good morning sir,
    I got 788 rank in open category(obc), can u suggest me which nit will i get ?

  127. soumikk says:

    I got 2878 rank in nimcet2012….. is there any chance to get any nit??? im sc candidate….

  128. soumikk says:

    I got 2878 rank in nimcet2012….. is there any chance to get any nit??? im sc candidate…. plz rly plz…………

  129. RIA says:

    Good morning sir,
    I got 2621 rank in open category,is there any scope for me?

  130. raj bahadur yadav says:

    i got 2400 (open cotegry)rank in nimcet 2012 . can i get any nit . nd plz tell me that what nit can i get . sir plz send me answer on my email id (


    i am kumar rishabh nit rank is 1383 and my score 135 from general .please tel me about best nit college.

  132. Ekansh says:


    My AIR is 799 for NIMCET 2012… general category…
    wat r the chances and which nit is likely to get ? reply asap

  133. Rahul Sharma says:

    Hello Sir,

    I got 66 rank in open category. What are my chances of getting NIT Trichy?

  134. JYOTI says:

    got 998(gen) rank in nimcet,is there any chance 4 getting nit durgapur or jamshedpur

  135. praveen srivastava says:

    hellow sir my self praveen srivastava and nimcet 2012 gen rank 648 .. which college allotement like my nit rank……….
    plz tell me about this ….

  136. Poornima says:

    Good evening, my all india rank is 401. Is there any chance of getting any NIT, preferably, Allahabad?
    Please suggest me the order of preference for choice filling of the NITs.

  137. atul says:

    Good mrng sir,
    I got 188 rank in open category, which nit will i get

  138. NAveen Yadav says:

    thanjs for the guidence..
    sir my rank is 740, in which nit i can get my seat please tell me

  139. shikha says:

    my nimcet rank is 1152 in general catagory is there any chance that i will get nit ?

  140. Arpita says:

    hi ,
    my AIR rank is 2549 in nimcet 2012. do i have any chances of getting in any of the NITS.plz inform asap

  141. anika says:

    Sir, i got 818(op) rank in Nimct2012……..sir is there any chances to get admission in any NIT in second or third counselling….

  142. anikita says:

    Sir, i got 818rank in Nimct2012 open category……..sir is there any chances to get admission in any NIT in second or third counselling….

  143. anikita says:

    sir, i got 818 rank (op) category in nimcet….is there any chances to get nit in second or third counselling

  144. tinku says:

    sir i got 1577 ALL INDIA RANK in NIMCET 2012 and my category is SC ,please tell me that weather i will get seat in any NIT’s or nor.

    please reply me as soon as possible

  145. khushboo says:

    sir my nimcet rank is 821 will i get any nit plz reply to my e-mail

  146. suneel says:

    sir my gen rank is 1291.i have cat. obc, sir there any chance in any nits for me.sir plz tell me

  147. shashibala says:

    sir my NIMCET 2012 MCA rank is 2032 in general catagory….
    can i got admission in any NIT’s……
    please reply me soon……..

  148. praveen srivastva says:

    sir my nimcet2012 rank is 648 in open. which nit college alloted me … pplz sir tell me about this …

  149. parveen says:

    sir, my rank in nimcet 2012 is 607 in op and i am from obc catogary. Will u plz tell me which nit can i get?

  150. Arunendra kumar says:

    sir i have got 3242 rank in nimcet exam and i belongs to general category . is there any chance for me in any nit.please tell me its urgent.

  151. Pragati Varshney says:

    Hello sir,
    My AIR is 813 in general category… Sir pls tell me which NIT i can get.. will i be getting any NIT in first allotment or i’ll have to wait for second one… sir please explain me the procedure for 4th spot allotment round for vacant seats…
    Sir, please reply me… I’ll be very grateful to u

  152. subho says:

    If anyone is reading this and has an experience about the seat allotment,
    It would be very kind of you 2 guide us.
    Got a AIR of 285(open) which clges can I get??

  153. neeraj kumar says:

    sir my all india rank is 4033 and i m belonging to sc category…what is chance to get Nit allahabad…in any round of allotment………..!

  154. Nishant Rajvanshi says:

    hello sir i got AIR 888 in NIMCET 2012 which nit is alloted to me sir?

    sir reply soon as much as possible…………….

  155. shivam says:

    sir my gen rank is 1509 in nimcet2012 ….which college allotment like my nit rank …..can i get mnnit by obc rank……..

  156. deepak says:

    my rank is 795 in nimcet 2012 will i got admission in nit calcut

  157. Shirsendu says:

    Hello Sir,
    I belong to the Open Category my All INDIA RANK for NIMCET 2012 is 2191, so is there any hope that i will be selected in any of the NIT colleges????

    Please tell me about this..

  158. naveen khanna says:

    sir myself naveen khanna all india rank is gen 684. so pls tell me i got nit or not which nit is according to my rank and it is best or not

  159. raj says:

    i got 2444(op) nd 637(obc) rank in nimcet 2012 . Sir plz tell me that what nit can i get from 1st round to 4th round counselng

  160. Pritam says:

    I got 381(op) in Nimcet-2012…which COlleges should I opt for and where can I get?plz reply soon.

  161. shilpa says:

    sir my rank is 1314(open) in nimcet 2012.
    can i get seat in any nit????

  162. latha s says:

    got air 894 and obc 210 in nimcet-12
    want join at nitwarangal
    for attending spots at any nits is that true ? one shoould not get any seat in any rounds of nimcet-12 counselling .

  163. latha s says:

    can have a chance of getting seat at nitwt or nit suratkal or nit trichy

  164. latha s says:

    what about nit calicut and allahabad for girls for mca


    i got 1383 rank in open general category which college allotement like my ni rank.

  166. Ravi kumar says:

    sir my AIR IS 296(OPEN) IN nimcet2012 can i get a seat in nit warangal

  167. pallavi says:

    sir my AIR rank is 652 in general open category……..can u pls tell me which nit will i get???pls rply soon

  168. pallavi says:

    sir pls rply me…….is their any chances of getting nit AIR is 652(op).pls rply soon..pls pls.sir

  169. pallavi says:

    sir pls rply soon..this is very urgent for know…what are the chances of getting nit of mine?and which of them??my air is 652(op)…

    pls rply soon

  170. prabhat says:

    any 1 got NIT WARANGAL for MCA 2012 plez contact me…

  171. pallavi says:

    sir i got nit agartalla….can u pls tell me wat is spot addmission procedure??

  172. prabhat says:

    can any one tell me the joining dates of alloted institution ?????plez reply me as soon as possible

  173. preeti gupta says:

    i got 1329 rank in nit for mca 2012 with open category can i hope for availability of seat in nit for me

  174. arif ali says:

    gud morning sir. My air in nimcet 2012 is 551 and in obc category is 136. Sir plz tell me can i got mnnit? i opted nit calicut in first round. And in second round no upgradation.
    Plz reply…

  175. soni says:

    i am BCA final year student and i want to take admission in MANIT bhopal for MCA.i just want to know which book will help me to prepare for NIMCET in 3 months cuz m having less time nd i don’t want to take gap after bca.please prefer me some buks or ideas to prepare for NIMCET

  176. sandeep says:

    hello sir plz tell me to how much question attend in (sc)cat to get trichy,

  177. shravya says:

    plzz tell me wheather there is direct payment without writng exam??

  178. PRATEEK says:

    Sir my rank is 813(op) 2016 can I get any nit

  179. Ruchi says:

    Hlw sir my nimcet2016 rank is 1610 i m in gen category.can i get admission in any nit

  180. Prachi Nigam says:

    Sir i have got a rank 332 in open category in nimcet 2016 which colege will i get or i shud prefer for seat locking

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