NIT Ranking 2011 for Engineering

Today I collected a ranking list of National Institute of Technology(NIT). This NIT list I prepared with the help of  previous years placement analysis, campus infrastructure, Teaching profile, facilities and other parameters.
It is also prepared with the help of previous years AIEEE ranker students preferences.
Nit ranking

Ranking list of National Institute of Technology(NIT) – Top AIEEE colleges

National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli Tamil Nadu

National Institute of Technology, Warangal Andhra Pradesh

National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, Mangalore Karnataka

National Institute of Technology, Calicut Kerala

Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad Uttar Pardesh

Malviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur Rajasthan

National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra Haryana

Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur Maharashtra

Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal Madhya Pradesh

National Institute of Technology, Rourkela Orissa

Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat Gujarat

National Institute of Technology, Durgapur West Bengal

Dr. B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar Punjab

National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh

National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur Jharkhand

National Institute of Technology, Agartala Tripura

National Institute of Technology, Raipur Chhattisgarh

National Institute of Technology, Patna Bihar

National Institute of Technology, Silchar Assam

National Institute of Technology, Hazartbal, Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir

top nit for AIEEE

Newly Sanctioned National Institute of Technology(NIT)

Indian government sanctioned 10 new National Institute of Technology(NIT). They are started from year 2010.
National Institute of Technology Goa
National Institute of Technology Puducherry
National Institute of Technology Delhi
National Institute of Technology Uttarakhand
National Institute of Technology Mizoram
National Institute of Technology Meghalaya
National Institute of Technology Manipur
National Institute of Technology Nagaland
National Institute of Technology Arunachal Pradesh
National Institute of Technology Sikkim

Hope you like this ranking list of NIT. If anybody know another information related to this post then share  with others by comment. 🙂

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142 comments on “NIT Ranking 2011 for Engineering
  1. nitian says:


  2. Hi,

    This is a very informative post. I got some valuable information on this site.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. vijay says:

    what is this it 2011 ranking or have to be updated.i can surely say this is not proper ranking.nit agartala should be in top 10.according to placement it has been ranked 5th among nit’s for 2011.this is not correct ranking.

  4. manish kumar says:

    the information was valuable but i want to know which college i would get if secure a rank between 20000 to 25000

  5. Beejit neogi says:

    if i secure 65marks. will i get goverment colleges. i m belonging to genral caste. plz rply

  6. Sanket Choudhury says:

    if i secure 110 marks. will i get govt. colleges. i am belonging to genral caste. please tell me…………. and rply.

  7. hifow says:

    The chances of your getting a government college is slim
    you might get admitted in bit patna … or if you are in tripura … u might even get nit agartala ….. it depends on your state rank as well , check out the colleges in your state … or try harder next time …. 65 is not enough anyway

    yes , there is a brighter chance for you to get one, however not very bright ,…. again depends on your state , but you could get assam university or one of the BIT(is not bits pilani) , good luck

    but i would advice you to go for better private colleges or drop

  8. anuj says:


    i m getting 185 marks in aieee 2011…i belong to general category nd fron up…sir can i get ee in the top 10 nits listed above??


  9. Arjun says:

    I am getting 131 in eee. Can i get NIT Delhi or any other government college. Name some top private colleges which take admission through eee.

  10. varun says:

    i got 164 in 2011 aieee ,,(*wid ref to key)
    Can i get a good seat in NITs? IIITs???
    i m even interested in Mechanical branch..
    Reply soon…!!

  11. ravi yadav says:

    this is not correct ranking …….bcoz ….placement of nit agartala is very..very good this year…… nit agartala should be in top 10 in india`s college ……and it should be top 5 in under nit………..

  12. shivam says:

    is iiit hyderabad better choice then nit tichy or warangal or surathkal.plz reply………?

  13. Radhika says:

    M getng 213 marks in eee 2011 . Can i get nit trichy. Plz do rply, its realy urgent

  14. K. Sreshta says:

    I secured All India Rank:overall-513235,category(sc)-38273. Staterank: overall-54720,category(sc)-3618 rank in Aieee will i get a seat. Please reply me.

  15. tttttttttttttt says:

    thanx 4 ur valuble information………………………….but i want confirm is this r guarantee ranking colleges of top 10,where d rank of agartala is this clg not had any ranking among the top ten clgs..plz gve rly for this…………msg

  16. dhiraj says:

    i hav got 31179 air in aieee2011 . can i get goot nits…. i m domiscile of maharashtra . can i get nit bhopal

  17. tarun says:

    My air is 5845 in gen. and state rank is 690 in u.p. can i get ec or cs from any of three tirchi, warangal, and allahabad .

  18. himanshu says:

    i have ranked 14687 air and state rank from up 1959………can i get civil or ec in nit allahabad

  19. raja says:

    How is NIT Agartala can any body tell?

  20. ashish dewangan says:

    my aieee 2011 air is 29081 and obc category rank is 6089 please send me list of expected nit.

  21. debashish says:

    i am an iitian..according to me dis is wrong..niit sucks

  22. suhas says:

    my AIEEE 2011 all india ranking is overall 285632 and category is 178932 and my state ranking is overall 6745 and category 4887. I belong to general merit. will I be able to get into nit karnataka or any other nit’s in south india?

  23. sanjay says:

    are campus placements are there in national institute of technology sikkim,arunachal pradesh,meghalaya,manipur please send me this answer to

  24. sanjay says:

    hi…i got 19840 rank in aieee-2011 ..plz tell me which college will i get…i am from general category..plz reply

  25. Jayesh Bang says:

    Sir i got 103 marks in aieee,2011.I am open catg student.I am from Nagpur,Maharashtra.My all india rank is 79481…and state rank is 4603…please tell me can i get admissn in any of the nit’s….

  26. nimish says:

    having all india ranking 65507 in aieee pl advice colleges for Mechanical/Electrical and communication/computer science

  27. SURAJ says:

    I want to know which nit college to prefer for BCA/MCA please respond at the earliest.

    Heartiest Thanks in advance………

  28. TUSH says:

    u forgot NIT HAMIRPUR :p

  29. TUSH says:

    oh u didn’t. my mistake

  30. Rahul says:

    i got 256 marks what will i get please tell me!!

  31. SWAPNIL says:

    my rank in aieee is 42300, can i get NIT if so then which one? please reply me soon.

  32. sunil says:

    Dear sir, I got 42500 rank in AIEEE. which NIT I will get?

  33. sushil says:

    i’ve got 145123 rank in aieee 2011 can i get eee in vnit nagpur.i’m a ph candidate.

  34. sweta kumari says:

    i secured 58 marks in obc category. n overall rank is 237306.
    will i get any govt colleges in CSE, EN, EE,ECE branches

  35. RAJDEEP GHOSH says:

    NIT Agartala must be above NIT Jamshedpur…rest is okk…because by recruitments,faculties and facilities and campus life,,it is coming with flying colours these days….

  36. SRADHA says:

    my AIR in aieee 2011 is 23505 n state rank is 3288,can i get nit jaipur or rourkela? i belong to orissa but appeared boards in rajasthan.

    plz reply ,waiting

  37. love agarwal says:

    sir i have got 185 marks in eee in gernal catagory.can i get any nit in top 5.please reply…

  38. Vikas shakya says:

    Sir my all India rank is 30303 and catageory rank is 6434(OBC)(UP).can I got NIT Warangal (CS EC ME EE CIVIL).
    Or any nit with above branch.
    please replied imidiatly .

  39. Vikas shakya says:

    which is better for me NIT SRM or JAYPEE.
    AIEEE RANK (GEN) 30303 (OBC) 6434 (UP).
    SRM RANK 15449
    JAYPEE 1611 (Through Aieee)
    can i got good nit (CS EE EC ME Civil).

  40. SHIVAM GUPTA says:

    My aieee rank is 34957.pls tell which nits can i get?

  41. rohit ranjan says:

    aiee admission

  42. awnish kumar says:

    i am awnish kumar my aieee rank is 170009 and catgaryb rank is 27000 i will get a nit plz tell about as

  43. Rohit says:

    my aieee rank is 287216. I belong to sc category. will i get any nit college??

  44. vibha yadav says:

    my aieee rank(gen)is 64946.I belong to obc category. will i get any nit college?

  45. arvind says:

    rohit you can a good college but you should have to wait for 5th councelling.and you should vhave to tell me that from which state you belong

  46. arvind says:

    sradha first you should have to tell me that from which category you belong.aieee needs you permanent place of residency.defenietly you can get rourkela.but you have to prefer nit this rank tumhe jaipur tbhi mil skta hai jb tum SC ya ST ho.dont lose your hope

  47. ranbir says:

    my air rank is 1,50,000 does i got any seat in nit in any round also in spot round

  48. sujan says:

    my rank in aieee is 54362 and obc rank is 12776
    please sujest me any good college

  49. vivek rai says:

    i am quit sure that nit agartala should be under 10 among nits.because nit agartala get 5th rank in placement record among all nits

  50. aishwarya says:

    sir i got 177833 rank in aieee air general category…can i get nit…plzzz rply

  51. Ashutosh says:

    sir, can i get any NIT college ??
    AIR 67366 obc 16388
    state rank M.P.
    4023 and Obc 763…plz reply

  52. GANE says:

    sir!igot aieee AIR-312525 i will get seat sir? where will come sir? i belongs (sc)category plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz rply me………………………?

  53. PRADEEP says:

    debashish u suck ur dick…it doesnt matter if u r an IITian…every dog in IIT is a product of bansal, narayana, career point….and etc of dese fucking shits….i consider only dose students IITian…who has got IIT on their own not bcos of dese fucking coaching institutes…got it! read some magazines and come to the conclusion hw many students take admission in NIT every year without any help from dede coaching institutes.
    i hate dese artificial coaching institutes and indian eductional system …in india it z just business.
    m itself a student of NIT Allahabad…in mechanical….i hv never been a part of any coaching…in IIT..i got a rank of 4257 and in aieee 2095….and i have never taken tution even in 11th and 12th…m self made…not made by dese cosching institues of IIT’S..huh!!

  54. PRADEEP says:

    no aishwarya….it z not possible for u get into NIT wid dis rank…..rank under 50000 z required atleast to participate in the counselling of NIT in general category.

  55. PRADEEP says:

    nit agratala is not in top ten NIT’s……everybody who thinks dat nit agartala shud b in top ten NIT’s….take a tour of all NIT’s throughout INDIA and den compare ur NIT Agaratala wid other better rated NIT’S….and den come to the conclusion whether it deservess top ten ranking or not………

  56. PRADEEP says:

    ranking is not only about placement bt placemnt in term of package offered, infrastructure, teaching staff in which many lower ranked NIT’S are lacking behind.

  57. rajdeep says:

    ya pradeep wat u told i solely agree with NIT Agartala is nw in top 15 i hope…tat it wub in top 10 aftr 5-6 yrs more coz rgrding infrastructure its goin top these days as construction is goin under high rate nd along wit tat more modrn machineries r being brought nd rgrding package nd placemnt also year by year its increasing nd hope to get a better pckage by 2015-2016 nd rgrding teaching staff ur r8…many proff r taken as contractual basis due to wich its creating a havoc..othr thn tat mechanical nd civil deptt in NIT A is best….coz i was in aerospace in SRM Univ also wich is in top 50 bt i found tat NIT A mechanical proffessors r btr thn many…nd nw directr sir is also trying to appoint doctorals as associate nd assistant proff…as it is in one of the developing state of it will take bout 5-6 yrs more to bcom full fledged NIT….

  58. rajdeep says:

    co in SRM wat i found most of proff r doctorals nd many more bt knw nothng nd rgrding placemnt kahi pe 19 toh kahi pe 20..jst this diffrnce is there b/w NIT A nd SRM Univ.,chennai bt of course i will appreciate SRM for infrastructure…its one of the best campus in south india..othr thn tat no diffrnce b/w these colleges NIT A nd SRM U nd here in NITs NITians r gettn admitted through merit in in SRM many gyes r coming through managemnt….so ranking differs a lot….

  59. vivek says:

    nit agartala will not take 5-6 yrs to emerge as a full fledged nit and i m dam sure that it will be under top ten nits upto 2014 mind it its my gurantee.

  60. mansi nigam says:

    pradeep sir,my air is 28545 and i belong @ general catagory,from kanpur,up.may i get any of nit’s,plzzzzzzzzz rply soon

  61. Bhawana Rajora says:

    Yaar i have been allotted NIT AGARTALA in the AIEEE 2011 counselling… I m from jaipur… so should i seek admission in the NIT or should rely upon a clg in jaipur itself through RPET…Pls do reply frnz…


    hi bhawana,i think nit wud be better option dan an clg. thru rpet………at least u wud b calld an nitian.i too hav been allotd nit agartala……at first i was confused,all denied to go there bt den i found about it dat its a gud one n improving in terms of infrastructure n facilities n decided to join it n i tnink u shud also go 4 it……

  63. NIMA says:

    thiz ranking is wrong coz NIT SILCHAR is above NIT PATNA and NIT AGARTALA

  64. sid says:

    agreed with pradeep on IIT coching factor…anyway its a pity dat some IITians get placed in CTS/TCS/Infosys/wipro and NITians in amazon/yahoo/google/Deshaw etc..

    bottomline:Caliber counts more;tag is secondary

  65. PRATIK RAI says:


  66. PRATIK RAI says:

    CALICUT ———————- BIOTECH

  67. rahul says:

    I totaly agree wit d comments regarding iitians. Not al of dem glittrs. Dis year 3 CS studnt 4rm NIT Trichy is placd in Facebk wit packape of 1 cr for 1 stdnt N 56 lac packag for d othr 2. In contrast u wil find stnd in IITs plcmnt wit packag around 3.5 ,4 lac… So dey can’t ovrlk d nittians..

  68. LM says:

    Ranking on the basis of merit of student getting admission. so, no debacles.
    check out here

  69. SATISH JAISWAL says:

    I’m from U.P. My aieee 2011 rank is 58436. could i get nits in spot round.

  70. SATISH JAISWAL says:

    Plz……. reply soon.

  71. akash says:

    guys u all are too good
    how can u got awesome rank means above200 marks
    i m only got 51 marks and previous year i got27 marks only
    congrats guys
    now u all are next engenier
    best of luck

  72. akash says:

    i have got 293007 in air (gen)
    which colloge i get
    should i try spot round counsling
    i know that its not a good rank yet plz tell me i hate physics & chemistry
    so i can not get nice rank in air
    i want (cs) only
    if i try spot round then which college i will get reply fast i am waiting 🙁

  73. Jim Aldon D'Souza says:

    NITK Surathkal is defiantely at the top. Before Trichy and Warangal.

  74. mansi nigam says:

    thnx pratik 4 suggstion but the nit’s u suggstd are very far,so my parents will not allow 🙁

  75. akash says:

    mostly girls facing same problem as u . 🙁

  76. mansi nigam says:

    ya akash u nw sab keh rhe hai ghar baitho aur bank ki taiyari kro….

  77. akash says:

    tumko to nit college mil gya hai fir bhi tumhare parents nhi bhej rhe hai
    aur parents ko kitni ummeed karni chahiye 🙁 oops
    parents bhi ye nhi samghte ki nit college milna koi simple baat nhi nit wale to iitians ko bhi beat kar dete hai waise
    mai bhi kanpur u.p. se hu.
    aur aieee college ke liye bhatak rha hu lol
    bcz meri rank tumhari rank ke campare me door door tak nhi 🙂
    aur ab to sayad admission karaane ka time bhi khatm ho gya hai
    so u losed ur gold chance 🙁

  78. mansi nigam says:

    @akash,ha yr bt m expcting ki shyad mjhe jk institute of appld phy n techno,allahabd mil jaye,spot round me,ya fir nit raipur a,tmne kha liya addmissn?

  79. akash says:

    haan mai bhi spot round me busy hu aaj to dd banwane jaa rha hu.
    koi bhi college delhi/rajistan/u.p./ mil gya to admission le lunga
    i hope ki mil jaye mughe 🙁
    and also i will pray for u that tumko bhi nit raipur ya tumhara fav. college mil jaye
    ab to dd banwane me to mai pagal ho rha hu

  80. manisha says:

    what is spot round counsling
    how can i get admission in aieee my rank is 242372 gen)
    plz tell me anyone

  81. akash says:

    check in
    u will get everything about spot round 🙂

  82. pratik rai says:

    hey mansi ye tumhari life ka sawaal hai tum apne parents se bolo ki tumhen nit join karne de and yahan nit srinagar mei kanpur ki kitni ladrkiyan hain aur tumne sayad dhyan nahi diya us lisr mei nit raipur bhi tha. and ajj akl ladrkiyon ak jamana hai tumhare parents is point par galat hain they cant just play with yr career like this i will suggest u to talk with them politely 1st and then make a revolt if they dont understand

  83. mansi nigam says:

    @ pratik kaise cnvnc kru,koi ni maan rha,itni dur ni bhj rha

  84. mansi nigam says:

    @akash best of luck,jo b hoga acha hi hga

  85. mansi nigam says:

    @manisha dwnload information brouchur from,there u’ll get all the info. regarding spot round

  86. akash says:

    shit yaar spot round me bahut kam hi seats hai aur jo bhi hai wo sab bekar hai ab to gya mauka
    ab to kewal direct admission hi karna padega. 🙁 🙁
    shit yaar
    i hope that tumko koi accha clz mil jaye best of luck

  87. mansi nigam says:

    @ha pratik bad luck 🙁

  88. akash says:

    best of luck for spot round 🙂

  89. akash says:

    now spot round counsling start from today
    best of luck guys

  90. akash says:

    now i got acme college in gaziabad civil branch

  91. vijay says:

    NIT Jalandhar should be in top 10 list,becoz its plecement of this year is 115% and its infrastructure is also better then others………plz dont mind

  92. gaurav says:

    hav u ever visited nit srinagar campus,if no den i advice u to do d sam before ranking any cllg dude…..frnds plz go for trusted site like…….all d best

  93. Subrat says:

    Is transfer from outstate nit to home nit possible on account of serious medical reason? If yes wats d process?

  94. manav sikarwar says:

    hey my self manav n m preparing 4 iit jee in kota ……….n i was 2 no that if we r getting a 50% MARKS IN AIEEE EXAM THE CAN I GET SELECTED……

  95. Ankita says:

    i thnk dis is a vry useful site….

  96. Raghuraj says:

    sir hwo many rank can i got goverment nit collage

  97. aditya says:

    sir i want to know that what is the ranking i got in aieee then i got a nit college.

  98. vinay pandey says:

    sir i know that why i get a top nit and what min mark plz told soon

  99. Vijai says:

    I am a nitian…. well guys i don’t think nit trichy shold be placed first…. nit calicut deserves a much more top position than trichy and warangal…. itz cultural festival is the best amongst others. it has got better placements and infrastructure too……

  100. Abcd says:

    I don’t know why TEC has been converted to NIT AGARTALA

  101. Arjun says:

    Guys this not an official ranking, and it is purely based on personal thoughts arranged haphazardly

    But I should appreciate the effort

  102. Neet raj says:

    Guy pls tel me any one whch nit is best 4 machanical i dont udst wat 2 do frend

  103. swabhiman says:

    whats the minimum mark required to get in to nit rourkela for a general category student…plz rply…its really urgent

  104. shashikant says:

    sir, i have got 360 marks in aieee ,can i get IIT chambal…..

  105. Shashank says:

    What is the minimum rank one must have IN aieee 2012 TO join Nit Hamirpur………..
    I am from U.P …..general Category
    not much interest in computer science

    More likely to join Mechanical ….

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzz reply

  106. vishal says:

    what a great colg …..

  107. sushanth says:

    can any one say which is the best clg 4 engneering

  108. vikash raj says:

    which is the best collage in bangalore

  109. ananda says:

    sir, i am getting 150 marks in aieee . Can i get nit suratkal or allahabad. please reply it urgently

  110. NAMAN GUPTA says:

    sir i expected to achieve around 205-215 marks in aieee2012 exam.Pl
    advice me that which nit college i should opt for cs or mechanical.
    In your opinion what will be my advice

  111. Aaditya says:

    sir/mam i scored 180 in aieee what best branch can i get in jaipur nit??????…….

  112. Ravinder singh says:

    my aieee marks is 175( obc )
    mere ko sabse aacha kaun sa college mil sakta hai.
    plz reply

  113. Ankur Shukla says:

    i am getting 162 marks in aieee(genera). will i get admission in some good nit or iiit?

  114. shashwat says:

    sir,i am getting 223 marks in aieee 2012 can i get nit or nsit

  115. prashant sharma says:


  116. khem raj swarankar says:

    dear sir, i”ll got 129 marks in aieee 2012. what should i do? should take admission in any college or do preparation for more one year?

  117. aman says:

    my total marks in aieee 2012 is 182,can i get top 10 nit`s
    plz reply…………………………………………..

  118. MEGH SINGH says:

    Respected Sir,
    How I get the admission in the best top placement and top colleges. So I therefore request to u please give in this information in my email i.d. which is included.

  119. laavanya says:

    Hey, m getting around 154 marks in aieee this year. Can i get into NIT. Plz reply.

  120. naresh says:

    sir i need to get seat in nits, i’m OBC candidate, gate 2011 rank of 8011, 89.9 percentile, 28/100,ee depatment,will i be able to do so..

  121. neeraj verma says:

    sir,my expected marks in aieee 2012 is 169. i m belong to obc(ncl) and my domicile is u.p. plz tell me that i can get (cs,ece,ee,me,ce) in top ten nit’s. plz tell immideatiely.

  122. acds says:

    i have scored 100 marks in aieee in 2012 will i get any nit college plzzzzzzzzzzzzz rply soooonnnnnnnnn

  123. pragya says:

    i have scored 100 marks in aieee in 2012 in obc category will i get any nit college plllllllzzzzzzz rply soooonnnn plllzzzzzz

  124. ankit says:

    my aieee rank is 75000 (gen.)….can i get nit

  125. ankit says:

    my aieee rank is 75000 (gen.)….can i get any nit in india

  126. sonal says:

    hi…m getting 157 in aieee2012 acc. to key
    can i get admission in EC branch in any of NITs orIIITs?
    reply soon

  127. Ashutosh anand says:

    i am getting 128 in aieee 2012 ……
    please suggest some colleges in which i can get admission in plz…..

  128. Shantanu says:

    respected sir/mam…please help me with this.

    aieee 2012

    I belong to general category from jharkhand and expecting any rank between 35000 to 40000. This was my last chance.

    Please tell me whether i could get any NIT with this rank…any good college suggestion is either appreciated …

    i desperately need your help.


  129. aman rai says:


    I have got 140 marks in aieee and i belong to obc category
    what would be my rank and to which best college could i get….

  130. abl says:

    abe kamino kaise expect kar lete ho ki nit mil jayega(dose who r getting less than 160 in general category nd 150 approx in obc)

  131. rahul34 says:

    @Shashank : you need around 11k at to join nit hamirpur mechanical and to get other you have to be under 14-15k at any cost.

  132. ankit says:

    if i got 98 marks in aieee conducted in year 2012.. then how much i got the rank.and through that rank say if any government college i would get.

  133. kulrash says:

    i secured 165 marks belong to obc wich collage is best for me plz rep.

  134. hari govind says:

    the site was useful , i got rank between 40000 to 45000 of aieee 2012 could u tell me which colleges should i apply anywhere inindia

  135. y.Harsha vardhan says:

    Sir’i got 62520 open category ank and 14779 obcrank splzrsend infor mation. That in which nit which. Branch I. Will get or any other private or government college plz send urgently

  136. rashika says:

    i got 6646 rank in eee fm up sugest me good nit with branch
    reply me soon

  137. thinlais dorjay says:

    respected sir/maam,

    i have got 104 marks & my all india rank is 99535 & i belong to s.t category can i get any nit…plz help me with this..

  138. chandrakanth says:

    I got. 49270air rank. And 11020in obc . Catageory will I get any nit

  139. manas srivastav says:

    Sir my IITJEE 2012 ranking is 13170 . did I get nit trichy or nit warangal through management qota . please told me suitable college through IITJEE . IMMADIATELY

  140. Jitesh says:

    My rank is 21472 mujhe konsa nit mil skta h…

  141. nItAn says:

    go anywhere else than NIT Agartala. Please. This college is just a hell. Worst campusing. Worst infrastructure. Worst teaching.

  142. shubham saini says:

    sir my AIEEE RANK 2,52,735 in 2014 exam 7 mcategory rank is 81095 $state rank is35402 $category state rank 11657 cani get any nit colleges in up

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