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How to install Google Chrome Extension

21 December 2009 Written by: 2 Comments
Google Chrome Extension

Google Chrome Extension

Install Google Chrome Extension

1. Google Chrome Extension facility currently available Google Chrome Beta for Windows and Linux and also available for Dev Channel.

2. In the Google Chrome Extension process First download Google Chrome.

Link: Get Google Chrome(BETA)

3. After the installation of Google Chrome Click on tools menu
at top right side of Google Chrome.

4. Select the Extensions menu.

5. Then Click on Get more extensions
and directly by link:


6. On the link you find there are
many popular Google Chrome Extensions
Google Mail Checker , Google Translate etc.

7. You will find a install button on detail page of extension. Click on Install Button the extension installed to your computer.



Thus you successfully installed Google Chrome Extension.

Manage Extensions

You manage your installed Google Chrome Extensions.

1. First click on tools menu of Google Chrome.

2. Select Extensions.

3. Some installed extensions there on page there are options button, Disable, Uninstall button.

Thus select appropriate button and change settings of Google Chrome Extension.


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