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How to Export Email Addresses of All Facebook Friends Using Yahoo

13 June 2011 Written by: No Comment

Hello Friends, Today I want to discuss about – How you can Export Email Addresses of All Facebook Friends Using your Yahoo account. Previously I posted on facebook tricks for how export facebook friends phone numbers “how export facebook friends phone numbers“.


Follow these simple steps to Export Email Addresses of all Facebook Friends Using Yahoo

Here are the steps :

1. Login to your Yahoo Mail account. If you haven’t Yahoo account then Sign Up for create new Yahoo account.

download facebook contacts to computer

2. Click on “Contacts” button then click on “Import Contacts” button.

download facebook contact address to computer

3. Now click on “Facebook” icon. Then a new popup window open and request for access your Facebook contacts.

download facebook contacts to computer

4. Login to your Facebook account then click “Okay” button to share contacts with Yahoo.

5. It takes some time to import all Facebook contacts to Yahoo. After few seconds you will get a complete list of Email addresses of all Facebook friends in you Yahoo contacts.

Follow these steps to download these facebook contacts in your computer

1. After import all contacts to Yahoo contacts then click on “Actions” button under the Contacts.

download facebook contacts to computer

2. A drop down menu will appear. Now click on “Export All” then click on “Export Now” button.

3. Type the captcha code which is given below and click on “Export Now” button.

4. Thus you get a notepad file of Email address of all Facebook friends.

I hope you like this post. Enjoy these tips from me while doing facebooking. Also, Please add comments and feedback. I appreciate your feedback. Thanks 🙂

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