How to Create a Pie chart using Microsoft Excel

This post will show you “how to create a pie chart using Microsoft excel”. This will help you in presenting the data you have in a ready to understand and presentable manner. You can also use the pie charts of your data in your presentations and reports in office or colleges to show your findings.

We will by the example data, in which we want to create a pie chart for student statistics in a course. Students from different academic backgrounds have joined this course.

Suppose we have 100 students registered in the course.

The composition of the students are :

Science – 20

Economics -25

Commerce – 15

Management – 22

Engineering – 18

Now to create a pie chart of this sample data, following steps should be followed.

  1. Enter the data in the new excel sheet.

Create pie chart Step 1

2. Now in the option on the toolbar select “Insert” and then “Pie” as shown below.

Create pie chart Step 2

3. Now select the type of pie chart you want to create. I selected 3D pie chart. It only depends how you want to present the data.

Create pie chart Step 3

4. You can then select your preferred design for the pie chart among the variety of options available.

Create pie chart Step 4

5. Now on the highlighted option,you need to click the “select data” option.

Create pie chart Step 5

6. It will open a new window like this and a dotted line box on the first cell.

Create pie chart Step 6

7. Now you have to only drag one corner of the dotted line box to select the range of the data you want to show in the pie chart. Then, click “OK”.

Create pie chart Step 7

8. It will create the pie chart of the data selected. You can also change the chart layouts, from the highlighted options if you wish to.

Create pie chart Step 8

9. Like I selected the highlighted chart layout.

Create pie chart step 9

In this way, using the above demonstrated simple steps, we can create pie charts using Microsoft excel. We can copy the pie chart and paste it anywhere like your presentations, reports etc. This is quiet easy and requires very less time. By exploring and using more available options of designs and chart layout etc , you can also create more interactive and descriptive pie charts.

Further suggestions regarding how to create pie chart using Microsoft excel are welcome in the comments below.

Hope it helps.

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