Apple IPad 2 Price in India

Apple IPad2 is available in India, This cool tablet is again a complete new design with more faster processor and light weight. IPad 2 is also available at same price with 3G GSM & CDMA EVDO connectivity.

IPad 2

List of Apple iPad 2 Major Features:

  • With Dual Core A5 Processors
  • It gives up to 2X faster Processing 
  • up to 9X more faster graphics processing
  • IPad2 is 33% thinner then previous iPad Version
  • Two body Color Options available : White & Black
  • With 10 Hours of Battery Life
  • 8.8mm thin only
  • Weight 590 gm only
  • HDMI Video Output

Dual core a5 processor

Apple iPad 2 Price in India:

iPad2 Wi-fi Indian Price:

16GB: 22455 INR
32GB: 26955 INR
64GB: 31455 INR

iPad2 Wi-Fi + 3G Indian Price:

16GB: 28305 INR
32GB: 32805 INR
64GB: 37305 INR

I believe ipad2 is the best and price effective gadget. Go and get your ipad. 🙂

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5 comments on “Apple IPad 2 Price in India
  1. Abhishek says:

    How come you have listed these pricing, where as Apple India website shows that Apple Ipad 2 is priced at 29500.00 onwards. Not even Grey prices are similar to what you have written. Kindly cross check it.

  2. Abhi says:

    Hey ! i read your comment on my blog,thanx for the comments. you seems to be from India…Nice to see a nice website from india…
    Thanx for your visit..

    Good Work Keep It up!!!

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  3. Marketing Research says:

    what about the desi tablet to be launched in near future. lets start a discussion on this with some expert advise on the innovation.

    Visha Consultants

  4. shubham garg says:

    heyyy actuly wanna knw dat in ipad der s a facility fr cals or it s fr fun….calng nd msgng facility s der or nt n ipad lik any mobile…

  5. Rezwan Haque says:

    Hey, Could anyone help me to find out the solutions of following questions? I am hoping to buy a ipad-2. but I am facing some questions for ipad-2—–
    1. I am a heavy internet user. but in my country (Bangladesh) WiFi is not widely available. What we have are Wimax, Cell phone network internet like Airtel or Grameen phone, Broadband. I have heard that, except WiFi, some facilities for using internet is either slow or unavailable for ipad-2. Is this true?
    2. Can I use Internet download manager for ipad-2?
    3. Can I use Microsoft office foripad-2?
    4. 3G is not available in my country. May be we need at least 1 year to hit 3G. So do I need to buy 3G ipad-2, if extra facilities available?
    4. All I do through my netbook(atom processor) are browsing, audio & video-movie entertainment, presentation, dictionary, skype & multitasking etc
    5. I always prefer Blackberry phone(I know i-phone is better,but it seems a big & plain mobile to me, i hope you understand). Actually I’m looking for right combination of mobile+tablet/netbook. So, can Blackberry playbook serve all my needs what I have mentioned earlier? More specifically, which combination is better for me in terms of data plan+ above condition in Bangladesh? Blackberry mobile(I’m already a user)+ipad-2? Blackberry mobile+ Blackberry playbook? or Iphone+ipad-2? I have also thought about Windows tablet- Acer Iconia Tab-W500, but can I install Windows 8 by formatting Win 7?
    Please do care to answer all of my questions. After your suggestion, I’ll decide to buy. Because I know how they works but I don’t know the internal or hidden info of these devices.
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

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