iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 inches screen

iphone 6 plus leaks and speculation, the new iphone 6 plus is launched today (9 sept). Actually there are two version released - Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 plus.
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News in Shorts – A Best App To Get News in Just 60 Words

news in shorts News in Shorts provides news to you in short, concise way. You will get complete news in just 60 words. It brings to you top news in curated form.
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Command flushdns in Windows 7 or Windows 8

run cmd command How to flush dns in windows 7 or windows 8? Command flush dns cache data in windows 7 - steps you can follow for flushing dns- windows + R to Run command
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A Best Book for Technical Interview Preparation for Top IT Companies

book for coding interview A best book for technical interview preparation for top IT companies. Best book to improve your problem solving skills, data structures and make ready for technical interviews.
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Iphone 6 – Photos, Specs, Price

iphone 6 photos The iPhone 6 is one of the most anticipatory version of Iphone smartphones of this year mean while Apple's iPhone 5s now completing its first year, all iphone
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Best Way to Learn Core Java Online using Video Tutorials Free

Java video tutorials Best Way to Learn Core Java Online using Video Tutorials Free. I tried learning Core Java online using video Tutorials by John Purcell on Udemy.
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HackerRank: Improve your Problem Solving Skills Here #Programming Skills

hackerrank A place for coders, problem solvers, developers. Those who want to improve their problem solving skills, Hackerrank is for you.
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chrome-internal://newtab/ vs chrome://newtab command

Google Chrome logo Many people get confused between "chrome-internal://newtab/" and "chrome://newtab" while using google chrome. Here is the difference between these chrome internal urls:
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Hindi to English Translate Online using Google Translate

hindi to english translate Google Translate can translate Hindi to English instantly on free of cost. It is a online tool which translate more than 70 languages to another languages.
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Famous Taglines to Know

famous taglines, you should know always. This enriches your knowledge for many reasons, may be for competitive exams, interviews or business general knowledge or just like that.
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